Covid vs. Conspiracy Theories

Most of the above has lots of GOPwinger fanfare!

This writing is mostly aimed at those who believe a government conspiracy is in play and meant to wreck a Covid-19 pandemic all over the world as a measure of population control. I guess, according to these proponents, Covid must be one of those extreme rare moments where the US, Russia and China team up to do everybody in.

It’s gotten to a point where we sincerely require Rocky and Bullwinkle to come to our world rescue.

Let’s be realistic. A young child can run a lemonade stand better than those three nations. Moreover, the US, Russia and China are usually lousy when it comes to them teaming together on anything! Granted, US foreign policy has foolishly pushed Russia into teaming with China on things like The New Silk Roads (Belt Road Initiative), the Petro Yuan, and military support, etc. But the US, rather than tune in with Russia or China on New Silk Roads and things, prefers instead to decry it actually has the best lemonade stand.

Me? I prefer get my cup of lemonade from the young universal child. She or he, at least, is taught to share and likely to provide fine value.

Moving on, let’s dissect some conspirator claims. Who is the ‘they’ supposedly responsible for pushing the pandemic, resultant competing vaccines and various population control methodology? Is it the US, Russia and China together? Very doubtful. Is it Russia or China together or alone? Modern history shows just don’t operate like that.

Russia seems busy holding together a couple dozen different ethnicities and always protecting its borders; while China just lifted millions of people out of poverty. Although I’m certain these nations do not appreciate US sanctions, but spreading a virus in return seems not only chilling but counterproductive, extremely risky.

Here’s a hint. Who dropped the atom bomb? Maybe these kind of culprits are the guilty ‘they.’ So the question becomes begging: Could it be operatives of the US Deep State? Well, the fact is I fear much what it does today and certainly I’ve hated a lot of what it has done in the past, but I really don’t think The Deep State planned a multi-variant global pandemic for its Orwellian menu to feed oligarchy.

Politics of Oligarchy: Why I Actually Blame Oligarchy

Many of the kinds of population controls that conspiracy theorists fearfully ascribe for our future have have already been in play pre-Covid. Think. This isn’t about the courage of masking or how far apart you stand from me or I from you or which vaccine is the better one. Before this came up, we were already subjugated. Pre-Covid, oligarchy already had long determined: The best way to enslave people is to make them think they are free!

As the blame game evolves we should realize that nobody has more of a vested interest in population control than does oligarchy. But I don’t think oligarchy — primarily held together by media consultants, hedge funds and insider politicians — would use its favorite tool, The Deep State, to coherently conceptualize, organize and intentionally produce a malevolent worldwide virus smacking us way out of bounds with multiple variants.

There is no Wizard of Oz to cure us from our misery because this disease was not intended.

Nonetheless, Delta and Lambda challenge our world and we desperately rush to get to the uncertain Jab Fest! Some of us are confused, timid and mostly hiding. Some scream out the pain they feel. There are the angry ones and even the ignorant. Others are just downright obnoxious and belligerent.

We need strengthening from the hopeful ones.

But people are dying. Way too many are suffering short and long term social and medical disabilities. Many folks now fear visiting hospitals. Always in the past they embraced them with hope and faith. Crucial social services are strained, people are losing jobs or housing and, yes, even their friends. It’s not a pretty picture!

Lots of folks are doing their part, trying best to help … but, sadly, this is not everybody! It’s nowhere close to everybody at a time when everybody is needed! I genuinely praise those who have risen and sacrificed with their mettle to help.

In the absence of a comprehensive universal health care system, most Americans are left only with the scraps to what oligarchy has provided. That ain’t much! With Reagan-Bush, America’s public hospitals became privatized, doctors stopped making house calls and health care shareholder pennies gazillioned, maybe more!

The lack of Universal Health Care for all Americans is among oligarchy’s greatest errors of judgment!

Whose Oligarchs Are They?

Moving on, today’s western media gets great mileage condemning Russian oligarchs. In fact, they get blamed for always being insider-to-Putin and just about everything else bad in the world: Read Russian oligarchs = bad vs. US/European oligarchs = good. Very seldom is it ever mentioned that Vladimir Putin, after he achieved power, actually kicked the bad Yeltsin-created oligarchs out of Russia. They now live in London, Ukraine or Cyprus, but many still do deals with the US.

Meanwhile, this same corporate media positions American/European oligarchs onto hero-worshiping pedestals. In America, for example, notwithstanding gossip columns (hey, spell the name right!), if you’re an oligarch and you don’t tip over the applecart, you’re in — assigned privileges of modern royalty. For some strange reason it seems only the oligarchs still in Russia are the bad ones.

America’s Oligarchs

One could reasonably argue the politics supporting oligarchy’s role in the Covid pandemic is a result of the Marvel Villain Team-Up of Republicans and Democrats. The 2014 Princeton Study on Oligarchy show both political parties committed to supporting, protecting, preserving and assigning privilege to America’s oligarchy. So when Covid hit, notwithstanding the ineptitude of Trump, it was the institution of oligarchy that was holding power.

America’s oligarchy has been around since inventions of the cotton gin, the railroad and the Model-T. Monster-like and new and improved, today’s oligarchy has nurtured political evil since JFK was shot. Beyond our virus problem, it has produced the catastrophic condition of not climate change but rather climate emergency. But that’s a whole ‘nother story! This writing is about the nasty virus!

Oligarchy had early forms of glory and manifestation well before FDR came into power. Who do you think caused America to slip into The Great Depression? To the rescue were FDR and his democratic-socialist running mate Henry Wallace. They responded with The New Deal and began creation of the American Dream. But shades of oligarchy remained. It never left. Capitalism hungered in its lust to feed. It reorganized from out of Herbert Hoover days and became part of the effort to get Wallace, the socialist, kicked off the Democratic ticket for FDR’s last term of office.

FDR died shortly after winning his fourth term. Hello Harry Truman! Here is something interesting to fathom in the annals of the Marvel World of What-If:

Had the socialist-minded Wallace been FDR’s vice president at the time FDR died in office, he would have become president and our planet likely never would have seen the horror of Hiroshima or Nagasaki. Wallace would not have dropped those bombs!

Moreover, had Wallace become president with oligarchy making a comeback, it could have become the progressive Wallace who’d eventually get assassinated. Many of JFK’s New Left policies would have been accomplished or attempted under Wallace. In this What-If scenario, depending on who Wallace would have picked as his VP, America’s presidential succession in the ’50s could have seen a hardcore Richard Nixon-type instead of the moderate Ike Eisenhower as president.

Oligarchy always fights back and remains hellbent on crushing progressive politics no matter what is required, perhaps even using the tool of assassination.

Oligarchy Locked Out Progressives From Sharing Power

As it happened, and modern history proves, progressive policy (people policy) got locked out of power when progressive Wallace was forced from FDR’s ticket and then again when the progressive JFK was assassinated. The wheels of power for oligarchy these days have become extremely well-greased. Worse, it is now media protected.

The final nail in the coffin for America’s progressives happened when oligarchy finally captured control of America’s media (the press being the people’s last line of defense). When Reagan-Bush came into power there were 50 major media companies. Today, five corporate conglomerates control 90% of all US media. Their impact on social media is increasingly apparent.

Yes, Bill Clinton deregulating the FCC was not helpful and weakened protections for a free press. But I believe oligarchy’s ultimate media grab came in response to The Occupy Movement. This movement was like a direct kick in the groin of capitalism. Occupy very clearly defined what is described in the below meme:

Pandemic Virus Not Needed to Control a Population Already Well-Controlled

Intentionally unleashing a Covid-related pandemic on the population, as a strategy for controlling people, very easily could sled along with weighty risks and ultimately trigger difficult to control chaos. After all, it’s easier to control an already-willing population than it is to control a rambunctious population living in fear and feeling like it’d been screwed.

Again, release of the virus was not intentional by oligarchy or its Deep State.

First, most folks in America are already well-herded, very much under control. The jails have been full and there is no economic chart anywhere on earth that won’t prove the US economic manipulation. Second, a short-term pandemic economic gain could ultimately result in a long-term loss and potential destruction to what’s always been a winning game of profiteering, exploitation of workers and rigging the system. Third, pandemic chaos could breed outright revolt. The last thing oligarchy wants is a revolution.

So all things considered, in my humble opinion, oligarchy is not the ‘they’ that is directly responsible for spreading the virus and creating the condition of needing to become vaccinated. When all is said and done from the full-blown medical, social and economic effects of the virus, a potential result could become the pitchfork people and torch people teaming up against the system.

Presently, oligarchy has the two forces nicely separated and fighting with each other.

Again, oligarchy and its Deep State component did not intentionally create the viral pandemic.

The Virus As a Mistake Emanating From The Politics of Oligarchy?

I think the pandemic exists as a result of mistakes: Lab mistakes? Mistakes of preparedness? The timeliness of inaction? Competitive vaccines instead of integrated vaccines? Politicians trying to win over science? Maybe even all of that. But certainly there have been enormous political mistakes.

If the virus came from a lab, how did the lab get to exist in the first place?

Could it have existed as a response to US built P-4 type laboratories located all over the globe, even in former Soviet republics? Do the US labs exist for geopolitical military advantage — Bioweapons? How does this comport with Trump proving international treaties don’t mean beans? Whatever the reason, locating dangerous laboratories where we have is about as stupid as setting those atomic bombs off in Japan. How easily could a mistake happen inside or outside a P-4 like laboratory!

One might question how the US military ‘mistakenly’ bombed a red cross flag during the Sinking of the Laconia incident, who lost their end of the world bets during The Manhattan Project or who planned well at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant when it got tumbled by an earthquake and soaked by a giant tsunami. Gee whiz, do you think shooting plutonium into space is easy? What are the Vegas odds of mistakes!?!

Pre-Covid, the Trump Administration withdrew funding support for US participation and oversight in the Chinese Wuhan Lab. This caused the withdrawal of expert US medical researchers. Should such research have been going on in the first place? Probably not. But depriving US medical scientists of oversight capability at that lab in particular was a very serious blunder. Withdrawing funding for America’s emergency pandemic response team was also a serious blunder. Downplaying the seriousness of the virus and then giving its solution mostly to the masters of profiteering, all of whom lined up for a quick buck, didn’t help!

One has to seriously ask: Why did China have such a lab? Could it be because the US has many of ‘em! What’s amazing is even after publication of The Hot Zone, in the never-ending effort to protect and preserve America’s oligarchy, ‘they’ still moved forward on bioweapons!

What, mistakes? Did Frank Zappa really mean it when he wrote: It Can’t Happen Here? And don’t forget. Fundamentally, oligarchy is not good for freedom!


Ultimately, throughout the whole process, serious mistakes were made. Again, I don’t think the virus was intentionally unleashed upon an innocent already struggling population. Perhaps some day a future whistleblower will enlighten us. But, as we know, oligarchy does not take kindly to whistleblowers. Consider the fate and misery felt by Wikileaks publisher, Julian Assange. FREE JULIAN ASSANGE!

To conclude, the Covid-19 virus that caused the pandemic was not intentionally-induced. Remember when the Big Blue supercomputer began defeating world chess grandmasters? Well, I don’t think Big Blue’s heir, The Summit supercomputer, would reasonably have advised the servants of oligarchy, its Deep State adherents, to unleash a pandemic upon the global population. Were the true Covid-19 pandemic factors programmed into the wisdom of The Summit, I suspect the wisest supercomputer of them all simply would blurt out: “Don’t Do It!”

Regarding the severity of the Covid crisis? I don’t take my leads from politicians, corporate profiteers, public relations rebranding specialists or sensationalists trying to build a click-bait name. I take my lead from the nurses and medical staff who work under the rank of doctor: What do they think and feel and what do they tell us?

Take the truth: The Covid problem is enormously severe and extremely real.

Take all the necessary and reasonable precautions! Repeat: Take all the necessary and reasonable precautions! Repeat: Take all the necessary and reasonable precautions!

Good luck!

PS: Did Covid-19 come from an outside animal, an animal in a lab or something else? I don’t know. But I do know that America’s oligarchy shares much of the blame for how what has happened to date. For example, what is the wisdom trying to prevent Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine from being used around the world? I mean it’s not like Russia wasn’t helpful on polio, HIV, Ebola and more! And why doesn’t America have universal health care!

Additional Reading (including CDC and WHO updates):




Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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Michael Weddle

Michael Weddle

Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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