Conspiracy Theory or Facts of Reality?

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Can wondering what happened to The American Dream lead one into becoming a “conspiracy theorist,” a phrase coined by the CIA? Or can such wonder simply be rooted into the fact of following the money?

Below is a short story of America’s Oligarch Enrichment Project (AOEP)

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Lots of folks don’t realize that had all gone according to plan, Trump was meant to become Hillary’s opponent so she could defeat him. So let’s go with the America’s Oligarch Enrichment Project plan and do some projecting in a presumption Hillary had won in 2016 and would have been re-elected in 2020.

Under the Clinton was meant to win scenario, America would have seen a Bush or a Clinton at the highest reach of power in 10 of 11 straight presidential administrations: Reagan-Bush (2 terms), Bush-Quayle (1 term), Clinton-Gore (2 terms), Bush-Cheney (2 terms), Obama-Biden (2 terms, with 1 term having H. Clinton as sec. of state) and, theoretically, Clinton-Kaine (2 terms).

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Hey, I thought Bill Clinton was a Democrat!

The above information shows America is an oligarchy, not a democracy (see 2014 Princeton study on oligarchy)!

Democrat or Republican? It’s like: Take your pick, Exxon or Mobile? I guess it comes down to where you are along the ride, which gas is available. It doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to realize they’re not just screwing you at the pump!

Is the force behind this the same energy that brought us a couple of dead Kennedys and MLK? The cabal behind Nixon-Agnew after the failure of LBJ? But given the corrupt nature of Nixon, it finally became able to dig in for the long haul with Reagan-Bush and beyond?

Regarding the 2016 presidential election? America’s Oligarch Enrichment Project ultimately wanted Clinton, but they also knew they’d do well by billionaire Trump (and they have), or any Republican for that matter. Media behavior proved it was an ‘anybody but Bernie’ type election, hence the early media blackout on Sanders and the media build-up of Trump.

You see, the difference is Democrats serve the oligarchy with a smile; whereas GOPwingers are always rough around the edges! Thus, at this stage in the game, the preference is an “insider” Democrat as they are better at taming the masses. Oh, how that Obama smile enabled 95% of America’s generated wealth, during his presidency, to go to the fat cats at the top!

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Look what happened after Democrats abandoned George McGovern Principles!

Anyway, examining wealth inequality charts, deregulation policies and privatization schemes since Reagan-Bush, of both political parties, tells the story much better than any of my words!

One final word. Have others also noticed how odd America’s main media has been behaving since the pro-Hillary scheme backfired?

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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