Clinton’s Email Scandal Deservedly Now Open for Sanders Criticism!

MICHAEL WEDDLE · TUESDAY, MAY 10, 2016 — 834 Reads

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As Shakespeare admiringly tilted his nose to a touch, he sensed the open orchid and blithely queried, “How many Guccifers are there?”

Even before Bernie Sanders informed Hillary Clinton during the early debate that he was sick of hearing about her email problem, I held a similar viewpoint believing GOPwingers were just wrongfully barking up yet another tree over another issue of distraction. It’d be an understatement to say Republicans cried wolf too often with respect to Obama’s administration. So I was glad Sanders held the high ground and declined to hammer away on the email issue.

I’ve done lots of anti-Clinton research and writing, and like Bernie, I’ve left the email issue alone, out of the discussion. There are more than enough reasons why Clinton would hurt America were she to become president, and the process of the DNC and mainstream media rigging the election to Clinton’s favor provided more than enough material for a wonk like me to write about.

But a lot has happened since that early debate and the definition of Clinton’s problem has exponentially evolved. Back then pretty much it was perceived an email problem with a possibility some sensitive information might have been released, etc. It was not then highlighted as an email server problem. An email server problem is a different animal. In fact it’s the difference between a mouse with an email that roars and a bison loudly trampling over everything in its path as it races bulled and determined to get out of the herd.

Since the time Bernie let Hillary off the hook, we’ve learned sensitive information, including Top Secret material, has passed through the private Clinton email system without protections and security of government. We’ve learned the FBI investigation both deepened and widened, a top-ranking member of Clinton’s staff has been offered and accepted immunity and many other important State Department personnel and Clinton aides will provide testimony. We’ve also discovered the investigation expanded to include a possibility the Clinton Foundation illegally raised money from foreign nations in exchange for State Department policy and trade considerations, some of which involved US weapons sales to controversial governments, this coupled with a shoddy Foundation history of record keeping.

It’s now known about half of the 60,000 emails generated from her private server system have been deleted or an attempt was made to delete them. Back-up and secondary source files now are being examined by experts. Clinton claimed she unilaterally deleted only personal emails having to do with yoga classes, family matters, messages from her husband (even though Bill Clinton is on record claiming he doesn’t use email), etc.

Perhaps most incredible, however, is the mysterious absence of all communications but one (a happy birthday wish) between Clinton and her IT expert, Bryan Pagliano, who set up her secret server and who was paid initially from her private funds, and later hired as an impressive GS-15 level civil servant, with a fancy title, within the State Department. Given the privvy and key nature of the technical relationship one would think there’d be substantive communications between the two.

My present impression of Clinton and her email scandal resembles the following classic adage, spoken from a Clinton perspective: “Sure looks like it, smells like it, feels like it and it does taste like it … but I’m sure as hell not gonna admit I stepped in it!”

Rosemary Woods deleted key parts of Nixon’s tapes and thus brought down a president. It appears like Clinton’s email server will destroy any prospect she ever had for becoming a president. In fact, she should withdraw now from the race!


The issue has become deeply burdensome to all Democrats, especially in the face of the most crucial presidential election in modern times, what with the judicial balance of Supreme, Federal and National Security Spy courts; diplomatic appointments relative to keeping America out of a foreign war and and the executive appointments needed to deal with economic inequality and restoration of America’s middle class and a myriad of other very important issues. Yes, climate change!

GOPwinger Donald Trump can’t deal; only a Democrat can!

Trump is a Reagan-like celebrity and much of the damage our nation experiences today is a result of the mistake of electing celebrity Reagan and a long line of Bushes and Clintons. Trump with certitude will champion to the nation that Americans won’t wanna see two Bushes and two Clintons in four of the past five presidencies. And given his knack for working the press, this line of attack will work.

Fact: Hillary Clinton is an extremely risky Democrat. Her whole candidacy is manufactured by political and media insiders and especially by the oligarchs of Wall Street. She has very high negative ratings, she draws few people to her public events, she has a past mirrored in ugly scandal of varied kind and, importantly, she draws virtually no support from independent voters (45% of the electorate) needed to win back Congress. Worse, the combination of Trump, Roger Ailes, Karl Rove and Roger Stone will swiftboat her with no mercy, to a point where she’ll wish she’d never announced — look what they did to Mike Dukakis, Al Gore and John Kerry! To this political cult, Clinton is easy prey.

Given all of the above, why is she even still in the race!?! And who are the Democrats voting for her? Are they ghosts?

Meanwhile, the candidacy of Bernie Sanders is born of, for and by the people as evidenced by his ability to deliver the message Americans are hungry for and by his ability to fill every professional sports stadium and convention center throughout the country. Bernie is right, and everyone knows it!

Let us distinguish the difference! Only Bernie Sanders, and the sensitive and intellectual team which supports him, can bring us back into the precious and still sought-after American Dream! He is America’s Best Hope!

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