Clinton-Controlled DNC Does Not Produce New Voter Registrations

Democrats need to change and follow the lead of Bernie Sanders!

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Below are Gallup’s monthly tracking numbers for voter party registrations for 2019. June numbers, for some reason, are being released late.

One would think after three years of Democrats and the media hammering away at Trump on Russiagate — also with 25 declared Democrats running for president and daily criticizing Republicans — the Dems would hold a substantial lead over Republicans.

% of registered Republicans, Independents & Democrats

2019 May 1–12 … (D) 30% (I) 38% (R) 31%

2019 Apr 17–30 … (D 29% (I) 40% (R) 29%

2019 Apr 1–9 … (D) 27% (I) 44% (R) 26%

2019 Mar 1–10 … (D) 26% (I) 42% (R) 30%

2019 Feb 12–28 … (D) 30% (I) 38% (R) 30%

2019 Feb 1–10 … (D) 31% (I) 37% (R) 30%

2019 Jan 21–27 … (D) 25% (I) 41% (R) 32%

So why aren’t the Democrats way ahead?

The Democrats need to finally fully embrace the candidacy of Bernie Sanders and bring excitement and hope back into the party. It has become dulled by Clinton politics and corporate donor influences.

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Let the 2020 race become who will become Bernie’s dynamic vice president, ideally a woman.

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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