Clinton Can’t Win Presidency Relying Only On Her Primary Voters!

[Originally published as a Facebook Note]

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America’s Political Operatives Require Blind Faith!


Those of you who support Clinton, or think Clinton has the nomination wrapped up, have you yet considered this? Please give it some thought.

Clinton can not and will not win the presidency! Worse, she can not provide coat-tail support necessary to win House and Senate elections! Why? Because she can only rely on those who voted for her in the primaries. Those are her votes!

Who else is gonna vote for her?

FACT: Sanders has pulled in 7 of 10 independent voters. Aside from southern states, he only loses to Clinton when independents can’t vote in the Democratic primaries. Do not forget that, nationwide, independent voters comprise 42 percent of the electorate; Democrats 29 percent and Republicans 24 percent.

Twenty to 25 percent of the progressive wing of Democrats will not vote for Clinton at all, especially after substantive vote rigging seen throughout the primary elections and caucuses. They will, however, vote for either the Green candidate, an independent bid from Jesse Ventura or they’ll write in Bernie Sanders.

If Trump wins the GOPwinger nomination and tacks to the left with anti-war and anti-fatcat positions, some will even vote for Trump. In 2016, there really does exist an Anybody-But-Clinton Movement every bit as much as there exists an Anybody-But-Trump movement. And Clinton is handicapped given lots of folks won’t want two Bushes and two Clintons in four of the past five presidencies — this will become a horrible attack ad against Clinton!

No matter how much Clinton pays for a haircut or how many palms she’s greased to create her early lead of super delegate endorsements, she’ll be left wanting with only her huddled few come general election.

It is the strength of Sanders among independent voters that enables him to poll very strong winning margins against every Republican opponent. In these same polls, Clinton barely squeaks by or loses to the Republican candidate. Indeed, a hefty dose of GOPwinger swiftboating and brutal, not friendly, debates will surely sink her presidential hopes.

Bernie Sanders has created a movement whereby Clinton has two options: a) Ignore this movement and lose in November; or, b) join it by withdrawing and asking all Democrats to merge with Bernie’s extremely strong Democrat-Independent voter base. If she does this, there will be no more Republicans to ruin our society as they have since Nixon!

But then there is the matter of the Clinton ego and her Karl Rove campaign tactics!

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