China Teamed With Russia on BRI

A lot of what’s described below could well explain why the US has recently been exerting extraordinary pressures on South and Latin American nations.

China’s Belt Road Initiative (BRI) together with Russia’s military table-setting — a very strong alliance — appears as though succeeding. While China has nurtured international aid and development throughout Lower Asia and Africa, Russia’s political brinkmanship has been instrumental helping to establish Turkey as a BRI gateway expansion connecting into the Middle East and Iran as a BRI gateway connecting into The Stan Region.

China’s BRI is meant to re-open the ancient Silk Road land and sea trading routes while using modernized green infrastructure technology throughout its development.

The US has no such plan. Nothing even close! It can’t even get its act together in order to sustain a substantial infrastructure plan for its contiguous 48 states.

A prime example proving how inept the US has become when the Trump Administration had to deal with rebuilding Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria thoroughly destroyed its infrastructure. Puerto Rico could have become a prime time US testing ground for implementing new green and renewable technologies. Instead, US fat cats met at the feeding trough, in scam-like fashion, and made deals to keep the same-old corporate fossil fuel-reliant kinds of contracts. Not only were the needs of Puerto Rico’s citizenry completely ignored and unmet but America missed a golden opportunity to meet the future.

America’s strategy has been to keep smaller nations indebted to its banking system, the extraction of precious mineral resources from those nations and exploiting cheap labor in the process.

Chinese Yuan Currency

Factor in the evolution of the newly-minted Chinese Yuan (backed by gold) intending to ultimately compete with the US Petro Dollar (backed by debt). Consider the BRI inclusion of EuroAsian, Balkan, Middle East, Stan and Lower Asian nations. Couple this to China and India importantly improving their relations. If India comes onboard to the BRI, the European nations must follow.

Just think how things will change when China’s high speed rail lines reach Spain!

The BRI vision shows how the US militaristic unipolar hegemonic approach to world dominion appears destined for failure as the US will become what’s traditionally known as “the odd man out,” and one with little to offer compared to China and India’s ever-growing economies.

Also consider Russia’s dominance supplying Europe with energy. Think of the increasing political schisms now in play among most Eastern and Western European nations. How will Germany’s gas pipeline deal with Russia become a game changer?

Moreover, there’s increasing awareness that NATO exists more as a US military-economic toe-hold for bullydom rather than as the once-meaningful role the organization played in the past. Increasingly, Europe will discover the combination and expense of NATO coupled to a cruel policy of US sanctioning economic power do not make for sound international policy or good relations with other nations.

Again, the BRI is intent on promoting fair trade while also utilizing green technology. Common sense requires the eyes of the future will show the BRI preferable to what’s historically been typical imperial economic expansion and exploitation led by the US.

Change is only a matter of time!

The US quickly needs to reconsider how it positions and uses its military. It needs to become more sharing than controlling with its relations with foreign governments and it especially needs to reevaluate how it assigns its own profiteering schemes. Its reputation as world leader is meeting a rapid decline.

Domestically, with the political progressive left locked out of the system the far-right, neoconservative and neoliberal political elements, functioning at behest of oligarchy, will cause America to continue using and abusing its own citizenry, essentially evolving into a police state economy. America’s middle class has become debt-ridden and collapsed; and way too many poor folk are living doubled and tripled up in a very dangerous underground economy.

It’s gotten to the point where an American can no longer simply root for their favorite professional sports team and expect to get along nicely in life! Most Americans can’t even afford to pay a cover charge to see an original rock band perform!

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Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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Michael Weddle

Michael Weddle

Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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