CDC Issues 3/15 Advisement: No Gatherings Larger than 50 People — DNC/Biden Encourage 3/17 Election!

—Despite the warning, they held the election anyway, hoping Biden Florida, Illinois & Arizona wins would force Sanders to drop out. Poll workers now infected with Covid-19!

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…Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez made misleading statements, downplayed the dangers and exaggerated the preparedness of voting sites, and criticized and threatened states which wanted to postpone their primaries. The Biden campaign as well as the DNC put politics over people, exposing countless voters to a fatal virus.

[Note CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Symone Sanders Interview in below link; also note Ohio actually did cancel its March 17 election due to Covid-19 concerns.]

Bernie Sanders Recommended Postponing The Elections

That is a very good question, and as you know, Louisiana and Georgia and Puerto Rico have delayed their elections. Postponed them, they’ve got dates in the future. Look, election dates are very, very important. We don’t want to be getting into the habit of messing around with them. But you remember, and I just researched this, 9/11, you know there was a primary in New York City…. And it was canceled, for obvious reasons, in New York City, and it was rescheduled two weeks later.

“I would hope the governors listen to the public health experts, and they’re saying … we don’t want gatherings of 50 or more people. And when I think about some of the elderly people sitting behind the desks, registering people and all that, does that make a lot of sense? I’m not sure that it does.

Conditions Did Not Meet CDC Guidelines at Polling Sites During the March 17 Elections:

So What Happened After These Elections?

Eventually, and now, consequences of holding the March 17th election began to manifest, as described below:

At 2:26 in Below Video, Biden Thanks Poll Workers in Florida, Illinois and Arizona (Ohio canceled):


America will never change with a politician like Joe Biden. Both he and Donald Trump support only America’s oligarchy! DNC chairman, Tom Perez, also violated the CDC guidelines by advocating these elections and threatening to punish states that postponed their elections.

Of all of the candidates only Bernie Sanders proved himself credible to the people! America truly does need a fresh start!

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