Butina, The Ericksons & Overzealous News Media!

Everybody in America loves a spy story. Perhaps this is part of the problem.

Everyone especially loves it when the so-called spy is a Russian gun enthusiast named Maria Butina. She’s hot, especially when seen performing in gun commercials. But, truth be known, perhaps she’s a lot hotter than she should be.

The fact is Butina is nothing like the action-packed Emma Peel of the famous tv show The Avengers, and she’d likely be ranked fairly low in scale if included in a James Bond “spy” thriller. But maybe not as the public hungers for sexy imagery. National Enquirer anyone? Elected GOPwingers caught in bathrooms? Fanny Foxe calling out for Wilbur Mills at the river bank? Gary Hart in a boat with a babe on his lap?

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Maria Posing for GOP Gun BigWigs!

In fact, Butina likely never would have become known at all had she come to America for her education and alternatively professed gay, lesbian and transgender issues instead of gun rights with prurient family value-advocating GOPwingers. Personally, I would have advised her to stay away from the GOPwingers entirely as they are vile and predictably cruel.

But the young and impressionable Butina, when she came to America to study for an education, fashioned herself as a gun rights enthusiast, and one apparently connected to a high profile Russian banker with money and influence. Once here, she courted and hobnobbed with the GOPwinger side of US politics, which is all about guns. In the process, she met and was charmed by always-wanna-be-a-GOPwinger-star Paul Erickson (Person #1 in the indictment), who even Karl Rove denied knowing.

Too many on Twitter and Facebook are now clamouring how Erickson will become next in Mueller’s target sights in the Get Trump’s Buddy Putin Fest.

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Pay Close Attention … It’s The Same Ole’ Horse!

For background, the so-called “Kremlin” is anti-gun in terms of policy and Vladimir Putin’s domestic policy (see Putin’s 2018 state of the union speech) would put current Democratic Party national leadership to shame as Putin appears a better FDR-styled Democrat. But when propaganda is the name of the game, facts do not much matter (see photo above).

Interestingly, almost as if choreographed, Butina was arrested and widespread publication about her arrest became widely reported just ahead of the scheduled meeting of Donald Trump and Putin in Helsinki. One could reasonably ask if the US string-pullers would be remiss if they missed an opportunity to place a stain upon Putin.

Anyway, the dump on Trump billing (hey, I’m there too — I vehemently despise the mobster-like Trump!) has Maria Butina and her significant other boy-toy GOPwinger spy, Paul Erickson, serving as yet another notch to prove Russian collusion with the 2016 election which denied Hillary Clinton’s heir-to-the-throne presidency. Problem is the legal record from Butina’s recent plea deal and her becoming the first Russian convicted proves none of this.

But it’ll become widely reported accordingly, much like a previously-debunked Erickson story which everybody already has totally forgotten about. In that instance, the culprit was Michael J. Erickson. Who was and where is Michael J. Erickson and how did he become an overnight news sensation?

One has to ask: What is it with these self-proclaimed prideful GOPwinger Ericksons? And why is the media onto Ericksons like bees to honey?

Finally, when Butina gets released and she returns to Russia and if she decides to continue to pursue her education and perhaps aims for a Ph.D, I recommend the subject of her thesis be: Don’t Go To America!

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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