Bush-Cheney Spawned ISIS

— Neocon Map For The Middle East!

Michael Weddle
4 min readNov 24, 2020


[Originally written as a Facebook Note — Last edited November 22, 2015]

“Shock and Awe” put Iraq into Bush-Cheney hands. Like Katrina, Bush-Cheney failed miserably, making all wrong moves. For example, they were more concerned about their invasion protecting oil facilities than protecting crucial Iraqi public buildings and storage facilities where Iraqi citizen records were kept. So those important buildings were looted, ransacked and lost much to the detriment of Iraqi society. Bush-Cheney didn’t care!

This quote tells it all quite simply:

“For the Americans who had overthrown one Medieval regime in Afghanistan, only to inadvertently create the conditions for the rise of another in oil rich Iraq and Syria out of the ashes of what had once been the two most secular regimes in the Arab Middle East, it was one step forward and two steps back.”

ISIS Spawned

Actually, it was way more than two steps backward!

Many Americans still think it’d be pitiful were another Republican to get edged into the White House! This is why America’s oligarchy has circled wagons around Clinton as the next president. The oligarchs would prefer a Republican president. But when they know they can’t get one, they’ll settle on the Democrat most likely to do their bidding: Clinton!

Don’t believe me? Just examine the behavior of America’s corporate media! They’re part of the oligarchy! The media can’t stop saying Hillary’s name off its collective media image-making tongue. To them, it’s: Let’s paginate! The only other name you principally hear about is Trump. But to the oligarchy, Trump is more of a wild card than Clinton. Of the two frontrunners, they’d prefer Clinton. After all, her husband oversaw the repeal of Glass-Steagall which became a windfall for Wall Street profits. Why would Hillary be different?

Since Reagan-Bush, the Oval Office has become a straw for the oligarchy. Holdover neocon political operatives, even within the Obama-Biden Administration, possess a very high influence in both defense and intelligence agencies. Thus, the US — with Saudi Arabia and Turkey — has contributed to how ISIS came into existence.

Begun in 2006, the neocon plan became to create a separate Sunni principality which would serve as a buffer to isolate Syria from its natural ally Iran. The course of Iran’s influence, due to the war in Iraq would have transformed Iraq into an entirely Shia-governed nation. Consider the geopolitical reality of Iran, Iraq and Syria operating politically, economically and socially as one entity. This would pose a vast threat to both Israel and the Saudis. Below, is a map to what the neocons envision for the Middle East:

Let’s stop this insanity! America should have little to do with the nation state borders of the Middle East. If any role, the US should help to make as many stable states possible in the region — America should not be redrawing the regional map for its own advantage!

Why are America’s oligarchs so keen on the Middle East? Three reasons: 1) Geopolitical control and dominion; 2) raping oil resources from the region; and 3) to remain the principle entity selling weaponry to each of the Middle Eastern nations. Add it all up? The military-industrial-media complex!

Bernie Sanders is the only viable political leader capable of putting America on the proper path when it comes to matters of the Middle East. Clinton, as president, will continue a policy of hindrance and obfuscation. She won’t hesitate, like any of the Republicans, to the sacrifice our American soldiers in the cause of hegemony. Clinton is part of the above map-making. And that’s the way it is on Saturday, December 12, 2015!

Obama-Clinton Middle East policies also have not been helpful. Were it not for Obama, Clinton would have led the US into a Syrian war — she still could!

Best way to solve Middle East problems?

1) Take US funds now being dedicated towards Israel and use those funds to help Iraqis and Syrians rebuild their homes and help to restore the economies of these nations. To the extent possible, do this in concert with Russia and China.

2) Assist the Israeli-Palestinian statehood problem in the following manner:

3) Immediately cease providing weaponry into this region no matter how much money US defense contractors are making — convert those industries into renewable energy, rebuilding America’s infrastructure and science such as space exploration.

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