Boiler Rooms for American Dollars & Political Imaging — Propaganda

— Buy high and sell low and make sure you end up voting for the pedigreed politician, the oligarch’s best pick!

In America today, boiler room operations are as American as apple pie and as American as 4th of July and Labor Day weekend horseshoe tournament company picnics once were. Today, boiler rooms are more American than the long-past custom of a company issuing a holiday family turkey to an employee over Thanksgiving!

With all of the take-take-take is it any wonder why punk rock n’ roll came into existence!

Where sincerity is ill-kept!

Imperative to posting politics on Twitter or Facebook is knowing what is real and what is not real, knowing what the pat line is all about or who it is that’s delivering a talking point, all of which can become something which you can end up easily spreading yourself.

Beyond what’s seen on social media, think of a ham and egg diner as a perfect environment for spreading political gossip that can become widely enhanced with today’s cellphone technology.

Word’s out that they say “America isn’t ready yet for a Native American president!”

Origins of Information

Remember this. Anybody or any entity with enough money can hire a boiler room operation in order to make obscene amounts of money, or to push certain public relations images.

Best way to imagine this is think of stock market trading, especially on the penny stock level where regulation is the least and pump and dump schemes are notorious for overnight fortunes gained and lost.

Boiler room operations consist of internet workers or telephone operatives who, in unison, get hired to promote a stock’s rise in order to encourage people to buy. These operations often function under the umbrella of a consultancy firm which can appear one day and be gone the next. These consultancies can easily become incorporated in the state of Delaware which has more corporations than people.

Joe Biden knows all about ‘em!

Interestingly, both Clinton and Trump are behind many Delaware incorporation — I believe, in some instances, they even share the same building’s post office box.

Anyway, as for pump and dump, once enough people have bought in and the price has risen to a point certain, then the manipulators take out short positions betting the stock will decline. They order their boiler room operations to switch its advocacy and then trash the stock, encouraging people to sell so they can make money with the stock price in decline.

The supposedly smooth operators rake it in when a stock’s goin’ up and they rake it in when a stock’s going down. Be forewarned that folks who recently inherit family money become perfect storm victims.

Political imagery can also operate in a similar manner. A good example to this would be push-polling. This is when a boiler room directs its employees to contact voters with a candidate survey. After a few mundane and seemingly innocent questions, the key poll question then gets pushed: “How do you feel about Candidate X having been accused in the past of beating his wife? Does this matter to you, or does it not?”

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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