Bluto the Mean Trump vs. Olive Oil the Daffy Duck in 2020?

— Profit media will eat this up … Bernie is The True PopEye!!!

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Liz Warren makes a supposedly surprise phone call to Zach, as she uses a seemingly phony, certainly daffy, cellphone stunt aimed at a young gay Ohio voter in The Rust Belt!

“So, well … geez, I really am Liz Warren!”

Apparently, there’s an extensive media campaign showing Liz Warren — as good as anybody’s aunt — making cellphone calls in front of her teapot, from her kitchen, to donors and volunteers. This is a public relations effort to prove she has a grassroots campaign just like Bernie Sanders. Whereas Trump has popularized his tweets; Warren is attempting the same with her selfies.

In fact, Warren today is running perhaps the greatest copycat campaign in modern political history. She’s got high-priced political consultants, many former Hillary Clinton staffers, helping her to diligently steal political support away from Sanders. To make her thievery appear realistic, Warren needs to prove she has her own grassroots campaign. Consultants will help her!

But the imagery of Warren making these phone calls is right up there with the classic politician holding the traditional baby in concert with a photo of the politician’s wholesome middle-to-upper class smiling family. Such is the image and presumed life of the party-pedigreed and pretentious politician!

Below is Warren’s phone call, as published widely on Twitter:

When I sense a politician behaving less than genuine please do forgive my overt skepticism. Having once been a two term state representative — I gave this up to become a Harvard Square street musician — I’m well aware of the process. Skepticism breeds questions. Here’s seven of ‘em:

  1. Did Zach really cough up three bucks for Warren?
  2. Can a reporter call Zach to verify this actually happened?
  3. How was Warren so seemingly intuitive as to know exactly how to handle Zach’s boyfriend, Alex, who excitedly and briefly entered the call? Warren seemed to know his behavior before he acted out.
  4. Instead of the three of them acting all giddy, why wasn’t anything substantive expressed in the call? It was all like a quick thanks, giddy-giddy goodbye experience!
  5. Is this really a sound strategy to help win The Rust Belt, or is it a ploy only to prove her grassroots image competes with Bernie, who has one million grassroots donations (no other candidate is even close!)?
  6. Did Warren herself come up with this strategy or was it conceptualized by a high-paid political consultant?
  7. Did Zach’s supposed $3 donation help to pay for the cost of an actual top-notch consultant who hired a top-notch subcontractor to conduct a focus group in order to determine who could play a role in another top-notch subcontractor’s film-making of Warren making the calls? Keep in mind Warren now has the weight of the powerful Clinton political-media machine behind her.

Anyway, it’s all so nice … ain’t it?

Liz Warren’s 2020 Newly Media-Paved Road to The White House!

I don’t think the still Clinton-controlled DNC originally planned for a Warren anointment nomination. Indeed, the lobbyist/political consultant class — who continually feed bacon-wrapped scallops and shrimp to influential politicians — originally planned for Warren’s loyalty to produce for her only the possibility of a VP nomination.

Due to the spectacular performance of Bernie Sanders in the 2016 election, the name of the oligarch-friendly DNC game became: Do Not Let Bernie Sanders Run Away With The Nomination! The pre-game planning saw Joe Biden as the solid work horse with name recognition to carry the day. But this was only if he wasn’t outright defeated by Bernie on the 1st ballot of the convention.

To guarantee Bernie wouldn’t nab the nomination, credible media-infused candidates would need to dilute Bernie’s voter demographic base:

Kamala Harris, a strong female minority candidate from California, a state moved up in the scheduling to vote early on Super Tuesday; Beto O’Rourke, a young Kennedyesque upstart from Texas (also voting Super Tuesday) to delve into Bernie’s youth support; Pete Buttigieg, a young multi-lingual veteran who might possibly catch-on; and, of course, the DNC’s ace-in-the-hole, Liz Warren who’d importantly steal Bernie’s “Homefield Advantage” in NH — Warren also being from Massachusetts a Super Tuesday state).

Throw in two-dozen presidential candidates overall and — hey, whatta ya know? — Bernie would not win enough delegates for a 1st ballot nomination. This would enable the super delegates to vote on the 2nd ballot, thus opening the door for a thoroughly media re-branded “I Wuz Robbed” Hillary Clinton to possibly become the compromise choice.

Like in 2016, however, the DNC’s cartoon script got fudged and fear has set in about how to beat Bluto without Popeye in the race.

Biden proved completely inept, much like Jeb Bush for the GOPwingers in 2016. O’Rouke began appearing foolish, Harris got taken apart for her record as California’s attorney general and Buttigieg could only move slowly out of the gate. Paradoxically, the fauxgressive Warren began making inroads by copying the Sanders campaign platform and, with strong media assistance, she managed to make inroads on Bernie’s progressive base.

Also, the more the work horse Biden has faltered — he’s standing in deep doo now!— the more attractive became Warren’s Olive Oil image and she’s now shaping out a sympathy vote, an underdog image ready to come in as a back-up quarterback for Team DNC Oligarchy.

Warren’s polling demographics have shown her campaign primarily supported by older upper-class, well-educated white privileged liberals: Call it The Yuppie Rebellion! It’s comprised mostly of those who crawled out of the mud of Woodstock to go on and do well in life! They probably stayed out of the rain at Watkins Glen.

It’s likely very few of them got beat up in the South, marched on The Pentagon, closed down the New Jersey Turnpike, got arrested over nuclear power, stood in picket lines, protested “Shock and Awe” or lent their presence to the Occupy Movement. This is what a true progressive would have done!

But for some strange reason, a whole lot of ’em demonstrated real hard when GOPwinger Jeff Sessions and FBI director James Comey got fired, ultimately forming into the Clinton-spawned “Resistance.” This kind of political action is akin to Zach’s phone call highlighted above, a well-funded manufactured action, but not a true grassroots protest!

So now the Democratic nomination has morphed into a two-pony race: Warren the Fauxgressive vs. Sanders the True Progressive. Sanders holds a lifetime of experience fighting for just causes; whereas Warren has always performed the Switcher-roo, always a party loyalist over and above cause and need.

Realistically, despite her pronouncements meant to grab the Bernie vote, her political behavior has been downright daffy. Consider the following two interviews, one regarding the importance of the minority viewpoint, and the other involving the question of consistency in belief:

Minority Viewpoint

The first is a YouTube Warren interview on The Breakfast Club. Consider the operative question “When did you find out you weren’t?” and note how she responded:

One has to ask: In a debate, how will Bluto treat Olive Oil on the important question discussed in The Breakfast Club interview? Please note this question, how it is perceived, is treated very differently among minority thinkers than it would be considered among white folk. This could well-explain why Biden and Sanders hold a higher proportion of minority support than does Warren in the polling.

Democrats win on high voter turn-out, when there is a strong representation of minority voters within the electorate and when large numbers of Independents vote Democrat. Those now dwelling in the so-called Yuppie Rebellion camp must consider this question as one of paramount importance.

Consistency of Belief

Jamarl Thomas, of The Progressive Soapbox, analyzes Cenk Ugyur’s interview of Liz Warren on The Young Turks. What’s extraordinary about this interview — supposedly a friendly interview — is it shows Warren won’t respond well if under pressure and severely tested. Over the decades she has waffled so much on issues, and other matters, it has become very difficult for her to provide a straight and informative answer, as noted in the YouTube interview below:

Bluto potentially could make mincemeat out of Olive Oil in a head-to-head debate — and there will be no PopEye present to come to her rescue. Her Daffy Duck giddy-up nature won’t work when dealing with Bluto. Examine multiple interviews of Warren and repeatedly you’ll see her responding with “so,” and “well.”

Two conclusions:

1. We will not defeat Bluto (Donald Trump) by hoping Olive Oil (Liz Warren) will use her Daffy Duck instincts in order to draw sufficient sympathy to win. Only the true antidote of Bluto, PopEye (Bernie Sanders), can guarantee a defeat of the cartoon character we detest the most! I also surmise that if Warren becomes the Democratic nominee expect Trump will play war games. Against her, he would pull the war card, thus placing her at a disadvantage. You see, Warren’s weak point is foreign policy! Bluto can’t do this againt PopEye!

2. The quickest path for America to gain a female president is for that female to become the vice presidential candidate of Bernie Sanders. Given Bernie’s age he might not serve two terms and his vice president will therefore be in the driver’s seat to become president.

Most Americans know for a fact our nation needs an overhaul. The one most able to deliver this is Bernie. Just one year of his executive, judicial and diplomatic appointments, the spirit of his tempo for sound governance of all, would totally change the entire scope of America for the better!

Finally, Bernie’s got the 2020 spinach and Bluto’s going down!

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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