Bleach Bit Democrats vs. Nasty GOPwingers — 2018

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Sad, ain’t it!?!

I hate bearing tidings of bad news but bad news is all we’ve got these days! Here’s what I see:

Barring something sensational, GOPwingers will use all means possible to get Kavanaugh confirmed to stack the top court by weekend’s end.

Once he’s on the bench, Democrats should be ready for a full frontal barrage of hard-hitting counter-attacks combined with leaks and FBI document disclosures relative how the Trump-Russian collusion investigation proceeded when under control of the Obama Administration.

This is a tremendous weak spot for the Dems as the Clinton Democrats have been both devious and foolish. It won’t bode well for the Mid-Term elections as the tempo of GOPwinger attacks increase towards election day.

What’s also important to consider is Republicans are well-entrenched in the US house having gerrymandered the congressional districts in 2010 (this will remain until after the 2020 census) and Democrats are defending 25 US Senate seats compared to only 10 for the GOPwingers.

It won’t be good for the Democrats and it especially won’t be good for the nation as GOPwinger America will become even stronger, especially within the judiciary.

Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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