Biden Victory Hurt by Poor Down-Ballot Performance

President Joseph Robinette Biden

Trump v. Biden

As of this writing, Biden has won a squeaker when he should have had a slam-dunk victory over a politically-fatigued and doomed Trump who has seen a quarter-million Americans die under a lack of leadership from his presidency.

Biden’s winning shot, released a split second before the bell, remains in the air as the pro-Democratic mail-in ballots are now being counted in battleground states. The absentee mail vote count will swish him over the top!

It’s also important to note that were it not for the tragedy of the Covid-19 virus and Trump bungling the nation’s response, Biden would have lost.

More Than a Defeat of Trump Needed

Rank and file Democrats should now demand resignations of from every leader in both the national and state parties, and demand Pelosi and Schumer be replaced. Politically, it’s time for the Democratic Party to seriously clean house and get back to its working people roots. It’s time to bring the progressive thinkers and strategists onboard!

I advice that Biden not waste any time preparing to shape his legacy. The elderly and likely one-term Biden has a very short window with which to attain a lasting impression on how he’ll historically be considered. Beyond healing the nation, some serious legislative initiatives must quickly be placed into the mill.

Presidential historians will assign him nothing if he governs on behalf of elite high-tech donors, bankers and the military industrial complex. Biden can not and must not feed the moguls! Biden has no choice but to turn leftward.

Progressivism is his only key to reshaping a healthy America and improving our nation’s relations with the wider world. Biden can not succeed doing this with the current leadership in place. He should immediately establish a Democratic Commission on Progressivism with the aim of reviving FDRism.

Down-Ballot Races

Despite the sheer joy of Biden vanquishing Trump, the Democrats barely hung on to hold the US House and the US Senate appears to hinge on Georgia run-off elections if Dems can hang on with wins in AZ, MI and NC. Winning Alaska is a longshot.

Meanwhile, there is little but horrible news relative to Democrats winning state legislatures:

President Joseph Robinette Biden



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