Biden, Like Trump, Has A Pet Named Juan

— America’s policy towards Venezuela called into question

Michael Weddle
2 min readJan 25, 2021

Can any sensible academic or foreign policy expert reasonably justify the US backing Juan Guaidó as the president of Venezuela?


Guaidó, before self-proclaiming himself president, was previously elected by a tiny Venezuelan congressional-like district into what the Venezuelan Supreme Court had ruled was an illegal national assembly. The assembly became illegal when it violated the Court’s Order not to seat several assemblymen due to legal standing. Thus, the Court stripped the legislature of its power.

Wanting to ascertain democracy for Venezuelan citizens a new National Assembly was formed where members were elected into what became known as the Constituent Assembly. In essence, there became two competing legislatures, but only one with legal standing. Due to a rotation of political parties sharing the leadership role, Guaidó, of the Popular Will Party, became the speaker of the illegal assembly.

With backing from the Trump Administration and global corporations hungry for Venezuelan’s oil, gold and mineral resources, Guaidó declared the election that re-elected Nicolás Maduro was illegal and pronounced himself as the new president. The US used its economic bully pulpit to convince nearly 50 other nations to recognize Guaidó as the legitimate Venezuelan president. The US (and Britain) seized Venezuela’s massive oil and gold holdings, imposed severe economic sanctions and helped to organize several failed coup and assassination attempts against Maduro.

The United Nations, the vast majority of nations, always recognized Maduro as the rightful president of Venezuela.

Recently, the Biden Administration announced it would continue to recognize Guaidó. The European Union, with Britain no longer a member, has just announced it recognizes Maduro as the Venezuelan president.

As a parallel to describe the reality of recognition, I submit the following:

The Biden Administration’s official recognition of Juan Guaido as president of Venezuela is an equivalency similar to if America’s Republican governors suddenly recognized newly-elected Rep. Lauren Boebert as the US Speaker of the House!



Michael Weddle

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