Biden Falling Spawns a Sanders-Warren Contest (Updated)

— The numbers only work for Bernie — Say “Uncle” DNC!

1/7/20 Post-Iowa Caucus Update:

The Iowa Caucus showed Clinton-controlled DNC insiders still intent on rigging the game. After encouraging a very crowded field with media-induced upstarts like Beto O’Rourke and Katherine Harris, neither of whom could get their messaging in tune with their records, the best hope to beat Bernie became the seasoned Biden, with young Pete Buttigieg — with no attraction to minority voters — as a side prospect.

What Happened in The Voting:

With Biden collapsing Buttigieg got the lions share of Biden votes in the 2nd round of voting. Bernie won the 1st round’s popular vote by 6,114 and after the 2nd round he was still on top of the popular vote by 2,631. But Buttigieg reportedly had taken a sliver of a lead in the state delegate (SDE) allocation. The percentages showed both Sanders and Buttigieg leading the eight-candidate pack with the same number of national delegates to be allocated.

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Final Results:

What Does All This Mean?

Biden is toast. Where will his supporters go? For NH, NV and SC, Buttigieg, as in Iowa, likely will get most of his support. Depending how well Buttigieg does against Sanders in the four early states, Bloomberg is then ready on Super Tuesday to attempt to absorb Biden, Buttigieg and as many Warren supporters as possible for the long haul against Sanders. But it’s possible Warren will lag on continuing her attempt to dilute Bernie’s progressive vote totals.

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Best Bet?

Give no votes to either Buttigieg or Warren and let Bernie resoundingly defeat Bloomberg just like he will do with Donald Trump!

Original Article Below:

Statistics are like a bikini. What they reveal is interesting; but what they conceal is crucial.

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Independent Voters

Pew Research Center (see FactTank: News In The Numbers — May 15, 2019) informs us, according to 2018 election analysis, that Independent voters hold greater negative views of both the candidates and the two political parties. Independent voters are also more likely younger and male.

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Youth Vote

Below is some 2020 polling insight on the youth vote match-up between Sanders and Warren. Clearly, the future wants Bernie Sanders!

Swing States (voting for Obama and then Trump)

See “Bernie Out-raises Biden in Obama-Trump Swing State Counties (Daily Beast — August 27, 2019). In those counties Bernie raised more than Buttigieg by two to one and he raised more than Warren and Biden by three to one. Anyone think these counties will be important for the Democrat winning in 2020?

The Rust Belt

This crucial region has historically been a stronghold for Democrats pretty much since FDR proved Democrats were for people and Republicans were for profits. Important Rust Belt states include Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana and Pennsylvania.

Conclusion Memo


  • We are shocked to acknowledge our American Dream taken from us, that the middle class has collapsed and poor folks now live within an underground economy having become orphans of our courts.
  • We are saddened to see America’s defense budgets in the past three years soar towards 800 billion dollars and a condition of perpetual war meant only to create profits for a few.
  • We want rational international diplomacy, not bully diplomacy — we want to hold healthy relationships with other nations and be comfortable in trade and commerce.
  • We are depressed the influence of oligarch money has taken over our elections, that our elections now feel rigged.
  • We are fearful of living under a surveillance state with the continued erosion of our Constitutional rights. We want an end to the Drug War and the resultant militarization of our policing.
  • We want good jobs, good homes, health care and educational opportunities. We want clean air and wholesome foods and we wish to be friends with wildlife and preserve endangered species.
  • We want to live in a culture that celebrates the arts, music, dance, literature, history and the like.
  • We’ve lost our last defense as people: The right of a free press. America’s media is now monopolized where five corporations control 90% of all news. Break up Big Media!

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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