Beware of The Darling of Wall Street!


[NOTE: Originally published as a Facebook Note.]

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If you love America you’d better hope Bernie Sanders wins the Democratic nomination!

Sorry for the doom and gloom, but please read on …

Hillary Clinton — the Darling of Wall Street — pockets over $200,000 for hour long speeches multiple times to Wall Street, Big Pharma and Big Energy. She then squirrels this money into her own personal multi-millionaire fortune. While secretary of state she couldn’t take the money, so her husband got paid the same amount for similar speeches. How sad that their careers in public service absorbed into self-enrichment.

Call it a bribe!

That’s what it is — a giant thank you to the Clintons for deregulating Wall Street and being corporate friendly.

Her stated refusal to release the transcripts from her speeches has absolutely nothing to do with other candidates. Her only intent is to hide the content of her remarks to industry moguls as disclosure of same would prove intensely embarrassing for her campaign. And the media is helping her get away with it! In fact, her campaign is much like the traditional Rose Garden Strategy an incumbent president would use, except she hides in the money gardens of the Democratic National Committee which just reversed Obama’s ban on federal lobbyist and pac money.

And it gets worse!

With the middle class virtually destroyed and little to no hope for poor folk, Clinton has the audacity to campaign for president on raising minimum wage to only $12 and hour; instead of advocating for the $15 living wage Sanders has proposed. And when the governor of NY enacts the $15 wage and signs this bill into law? Clinton shows up as if to take credit for the wage boost. She’s about as helpful as a field hockey player with no stick!

If the DNC/Beltway Media fix rigs her nomination it’ll become an oligarchial joy ride as belly-ridden oligarchs will take to exotic golf courses comfortable with either the Republican candidate or Clinton as nominees. It’ll be a win-win for fatcats!

Of course, (wake up Democrats!) ultimately these billionaires and junior millionaires will prefer the Republican candidate (maybe Ohio’s John Kasich with Florida’s Jeb Bush as a Cheney-like VP) over pesky, unwieldy and possibly problematic Democrats. Sadly, we’ll likely see Wisconsin — traditionally a blue state in presidential elections — turn into a red state, as will also Florida and Ohio. It’ll become an election Democrats could lose badly as Clinton’s storybook baggage widens under assaults of a GOPwinger swiftboat campaign.

Democrats will definitely lose the House, and most likely the Senate as Clinton — having completely lost the Democratic base of progressive voters coupled with stay-at-home minorities — will be unable to attract independent voters. She have no coat-tails to win back Congress. For sure, she’ll have plenty of money to throw towards the congressional candidates, and they’ll appreciate having it, but she won’t be able to deliver them votes!

The 2016 election could become a true and major disaster for middle and poor Americans. If this happens we will see violence in the streets not from terrorists but from frustrated, angry and fed-up Americans who’ll be losing more and more. Maybe like the alcoholic who often must hit bottom in order to find cure; maybe also America’s electorate.

Let’s hope Clinton loses the remaining primary states to Sanders and that he wins the nomination. Only then will we have hope and a sound intellectual capacity to heal our nation in the manner it needs healing, to give back to the middle class what has been taken from it, and also give prospects for the poor to pull themselves out of poverty.

Remember, if Clinton loses she still wins because they’ll keep paying her speech money to further enrich her and her husband. But if Sanders wins then Americans once again will be earning a living wage, the wretched drug war which has wrecked so many young people and their families will have ended, students will have realistic hopes of attending college, and health care will not be in the hands of pharmaceutical and insurance gougers. Another possibility if Sanders wins is your bank won’t keep changing its name and it just might become more friendly for folks so they can actually borrow money during times of an emergency.

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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