Bacon-Wrapped Scalloped Democrats vs. Fried Clam Democrats … Huh?


[NOTE: Originally written as a Facebook Note — slight edits.]

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Have You Got Money For a Quart of These Today?

Let’s toast to the wine and cheese Democrats who succeeded, by the April 26th primary election results, destroying a once authentic, real grassroots anti-war/pro-labor Democratic Party that once stood for working people!

Plain and clear, ‘fore it’s too late, please heed: You CAN NOT have Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee lest you accurately be labeled a “fool!”

She’ll be clobbered, she’ll be trounced, she will be destroyed, she’ll become decimated and, at a very minimum, she’ll be thoroughly embarrassed by Donald Trump’s candidacy! Indeed, Clinton’s political hopes will be dashed, dismal and done. Her political supporters will then peer a realistic glimpse into their respective condo-like mirrors — the rear-view image will be unkind!

Did anyone, by chance, happen to hear Trump’s 4/26 victory speech? Or did political ‘insider’ ea plugs block up the hearing? Image-wise, do you think Trump & The GOPwingers are champing their bits knowing they’ll finally have the long-sought opportunity to tear Clinton apart?

Ye of bacon-wrapped scallop desire — ye elite Democrats — who the hell told you Hillary Clinton was cool? She’s not! She’s not even “super!” Remember when it was cool to describe someone or something as “super?” Well, it’s not cool now and it really never was cool to say it then! Hillary, who is not hip, can’t win on the strength of Democrats alone!

The reality is rank and file working people want affordable fried clams. They’d appreciate going on a date — or if married, a way to get away from the kids — and hit a clam shack to munch down enjoyable, thick-bellied fried clams! Problem is, today, they can’t. Only few can afford ‘em!

All the above in consideration, one wants a candidate running for the presidency who people can proudly, steadfastly and with confidence proclaim: “Right on!” But Hillary Clinton? I’m sorry, but the same old lobbyist-styled bacon-wrapped scallop image won’t suffice. Remember, most folks don’t get to go to those hobnobbing events where such scallops are freely offered!

A Politician Feed: Lobbyist-Bought Bacon-Wrapped Scallops!

Anyway, the oligarchs (and their roman soldiered media-paid lackeys) want Clinton at the top of the Democratic ticket is ’cause they’re extremely adept at hedging bets. They can go either long or short on Clinton! She is, after all, a proven tool for profits — whether the market is going up or going down.

So ask: Does Clinton and her ability for self-enrichment have a cozy relationship with Wall Street? You bet she does!

US oligarchs, as historically proven, will always do well with any Republican at the presidential helm. But recent decades have also shown, they’ll do every bit as well with a Democrat.

Here’s the sad fact? It ain’t gonna be the millionaire who’ll win. It’ll be the billionaire oligarch who’ll win. The self-enriched millionaire Clinton is a mere hedge for oligarchy!

Anyway, hooray for working folk who’ve become both mentally and economically screwed since Reagan’s privatization schemes. Lift a drink to hard-working people! Perhaps we’ll get so drunk, or drugged, with or without jobs, that we won’t even be able to define who it is that’s screwing us. America’s Drug War marches on!

The bottom line? Bernie Sanders would never screw Americans who want fried clams and a job capable of affording them.

In closing, Trump the billionaire will win over Clinton the millionaire. Why? Because he’ll easily be able to convince voters America does not want two Clintons and two Bushes in four of the past five presidencies!

Don’t believe me? You watch!

PS: The only thing that can prevent this is wisdom at the Democratic Convention in Philly!

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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