At Some Point You Gotta Ask: Why’ve I Been Through All This?

Even with our planet falling apart will 2020 be any different?

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Sadly, the Democratic leadership let Trump outright silence Julian Assange! Have you yet noticed Assange has been silenced since nearly the day Trump took office? Oh, so you didn’t notice? I guess Russiagate had you very well distracted.

Be rest assured Russia did not hack the DNC computers, Putin did not collude with Trump and the Russian Internet Advertising Agency’s miniscule US advertising budget (56% of which got published after the election) did not sway the election.

Russiagate is a cover-up for deceitful Democratic political operatives attempting to cover over their extremely poor attempt at promulgating Karl Rove-like politics during the 2016 election. It’s also been a convenient tool for helping to justify both Democrats and Republicans supporting a 730+ billion dollar 2020 Pentagon budget!

Russiagate would also help to keep Hillary Clinton viable for a Trump rematch, something that actually could result from a deadlocked 2020 DNC convention. Hence, we see the crowded field of straw candidates meant only to prevent Bernie Sanders from running away with the nomination on the 1st ballot. Forget not the HRC political operatives still control the DNC war room!

The theory goes that a renewed media-branded HRC would come to the rescue as a DNC compromise candidate selected by the superdelegates on the 2nd ballot. The media would then go Lady Gaga by branding Hillary as “The 2nd Clinton Comeback Kid,” the “I Wuz Robbed/I’m Not Gonna Take It Anymore” candidate and one still deserving to become America’s first female president.

Remember, your feelings do not count as the ultimate objective is for America’s Oligarch Protection Unit to deliver a president who’ll preserve oligarchy and a Congress that will always have just enough pedigreed Democrats to continuously keep supporting key mostly economic GOPwinger policy.

We will long regret we got a special prosecutor instead of a special elections commission. Democrats have done nothing to cure what happened in 2016 and GOPwingers, for the most part, always enjoy the power position at the pole coming out of the gate.

Be proud of America’s Oligarch Protection Unit!

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Why not get wise and support Bernie Sanders who represents none of the mess described above. He has a career in Independent politics supportive of the needs of people over corporations.

At present Democrats — after all the Russiagate/anti-Trump fuss — only lead Republicans by 27 to 26%, according to Gallup’s current voter registration numbers. These same numbers show 46% of the electorate are registered Independents!

Bernie’s got the Independent voters more than sufficient to win the presidency and the coat-tails to capture Congress and down-ballot electoral offices. Don’t be a fool — build a United Front behind Bernie Sanders!

Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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