Are You Conditioned to Hate Vladimir Putin?

Unless experienced in chess, few folks understand The King’s Gambit Opening. When used against an inexperienced player, because it looks weak, it can become spider to fly devastating.

Keep in mind today’s US Democratic liberals have politically become center-rightwing. Like traditional longstanding Republicans, they’ve become warmongering and economically protective for oligarchy. This became highlighted after America’s Occupy Movement played out. In essence, today, they’ve become neolibs. They are not far-left progressives. Unfortunately, they rule the Democratic Party, its supporting institutions and a vast swath of highly influential media.

They’ve low-balled and groin-kicked Gore Vidal and Norman Mailer-types. It’s why you never see or hear Noam Chomsky, Cornell West, Margaret Kimberly or Chris Hedges substantially present in traditional print or on televised legacy media. Even the great investigative journalist Seymour Hersh can’t get published in American media anymore!

Moreover, for the past 100 years spanning 18 presidencies, leftist progressives have only held power under FDR and JFK. Our citizenship liked FDR’s progressive policy so much he was elected four times. Folks also liked and supported JFK’s progressive policies. But a hellbent and determined oligarchy shot him dead before he could complete his first term. Folks? It’s been center-right/rightwing ever since!

The Supposedly Liberal Democrats

Not only have the Democrats supported all of America’s recent wars, it was Bill Clinton who gave bankers wanting to speculate what they wanted by repealing Glass-Steagall and it was he who deregulated the FCC, thus enabling monopolization of the media. Today, five corporates control 90% of all media. During Ronald Reagan’s time there were 50 major media companies! Also since Reagan’s time, CEO pay rose 1,322% in contrast to worker pay rising only 18%, this with an increase in productivity.

Clinton not only expanded America’s drug war, he also paved the way for private prisons. With less than five percent of the world’s population, the US keeps 25% of the world’s prisoners. Worse, today, just about every politician now has a relative or a buddy who owns a urine-testing, ankle bracelet or a breathalyzer company keeping tabs on 12% of all Americans who have felony convictions.

Barak Obama admits he governed like a Republican. He’s right, he did! Not only did he sign into law the Bush-Cheney tax cuts for the wealthy, he bypassed universal health care, gave us a watered down version of Romney Care and beefed up the profiteering of the prescription drug lobby. Under Obama, 95% of all new wealth created went to the fatcats at the top! He also allowed the Patriot Act to deepen and allowed spying on Americans. Militarily, he never left Afghanistan or Iraq and he occupied Libya and Syria with bombing campaigns in seven nations, especially poor Yemen. He also supported a coup in Honduras.

Joe Biden? Unfortunately renown for bumbling both in policy and verbal gaffes, he’s governed to the special delight of bankers. There’s not a credit card company anywhere that doesn’t love and adore Delaware Joe! Clearly, from America’s proxy war in Ukraine against Russia, many of you now realize Biden has become the Military Industrial Media Complex’s best friend. Under both Donald Trump and Biden, America’s corporate profiteering soared to new heights, especially given the way they handled Covid-19.

You Think Russia Has a Problem? What About The USA?

Let’s be clear. Except for bread and butter god, gun and gay issues that help determine which political party one joins, there’s very little that is legitimately leftwing regarding today’s Democrats. Frankly, they’ve become neolibs who are backed by neocons! The D’s talk a good game but always fall short when it comes time for action. Normally, they hide and retreat or play it safe. They thus set the table for a good cop (D)/bad cop (R) continuity always eliciting the desired results of oligarchy.

Since the Occupy Movement aptly highlighted wealth inequality, America’s media has served as an Oligarch Protection Unit (OPU). It joins other OPUs such as presidential executive, diplomatic and judicial appointments; pedigreed national and state politicians; and one-sided obscenely-funded academic institutions that claim objectivity but specialize in propaganda. Each element is manipulated by highly-paid OPU consultants and political operatives. Read this paragraph again!

Regarding the Republicans? Forgive my inelegance, but they are the same scumbags they’ve always been, dating back to the three GOPwinger presidential administrations that led into America’s Great Depression at the end of 1929. Always repudiate and reject Republicans!

Repeat reading the above paragraph!

So What About Putin — How Does He Fit?

Even before Russia’s Special Military Operation into Ukraine—and why not let Russia label it this way, especially since the US expected the entire world to go along with its incursions into Laos, Cambodia and elsewhere—Americans were conditioned to hate Putin. America’s media helped spawn deep mud letting get hurled, personalities have been smeared, false heroes were manufactured and Putin’s policies have been lied about, distorted or outright perverted. Anything good Russia or Putin ever did has been routinely omitted.

The below-highlighted Pray for Palmyra Concert by the Mariinsky Symphony Orchestra is a perfect example. After Russia helped Syria finally drive ISIS away from Syria’s ancient city of Palmyra, Russia sponsored an incredible symphony concert at the famous ruins location. Music critics and historians very well could ascribe this performance as one of the greatest concerts ever on earth. Sadly, most Americans never knew it existed. They still don’t!

Ironically, it was the same Mariinsky conductor — Russian maestro Valery Gergiev — who very recently got booted from his job as chief conductor of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra due to his personal friendship with Putin. Gergiev refused to renounce his friendship with the Russian president. One might also ask: How bad can Putin be to have a friendship like he has with Gergiev?

Today’s pedigreed Democratic leadership propagandizes a claim Putin is a Trump-loving rightwinger. In a crass and prurient manner, they idolize the two of ‘em riding shirtbare on the same horse. It’s almost like the low-down dirty tricks Lee Atwater and Karl Rove once threw at Democrats are now thrown by the Democrats at Putin in particular and Russia in general.

This actually is a gross propagandized mismatch.

The very powerful Clinton media machine — replete with institutional support from the likes of The Atlantic Council, Third Way political consultants and entities like Media Matters spinning out the talking points — poisoned the well on all matters concerning Russia. Russia unfairly became used as a means to help cloak over HRC’s astounding two billion dollar campaign loss to Trump and it became a McCarthyite-like chokehold wedge to use against him during the entirety of his bizarre and troubled administration.

The fact is Trump would have been a lousy president anyway. He didn’t need the help of Democrats to become a horrible president! Democrats could have productively and better used their time instead of creating and chasing down the dangerous false Russiagate narrative — it literally helped poison the earth at a crucial moment in human history. Due to this, some folks now hold the Spiderman viewpoint:

So what does Putin do that makes him so disdainful in the eyes of today’s liberal Democrats?

He presides over a geographically huge nation that is home to two to three dozen different ethnicities. What with all of America’s problems dealing with racial realities, one must know this can also be difficult for Russia as it seeks sound governance. But America is luckier than Russia. The US has has friendly neighbors north and the south and expansive oceans east and west. Conversely, Russia, due to its size, uniquely has had all kinds of historical border issues.

Putin’s Russia has only a handful of military bases located around the world. Most are near its borders. Interestingly, the same is true with China. Meanwhile, the US has located around 800 military bases spread all over the globe. It often militarily takes advantage of smaller third world nations where it extracts mineral wealth while taking advantage of slave labor, this while then sending banks in to leave those nations indebted.

This control process sees the US selling weapons to 73% of the world’s dictators and thus keeping its drug war tentacles far and wide. Consider that drug smuggling routes — much like with the famous Iran-Contra incident — can be used to smuggle precious gem minerals. Also smuggled are weapons for drug gangs which help to prop up US-friendly third world dictators. Call it population control!

Domestically, Russia offers fully-funded universal health care, free education, supports arts and sciences, has job training programs, strong worker rights (including family leave) and worker pensions. Russia has no death penalty and it invokes strict gun controls. It was the first nation to make abortion legal!

Aren’t all of the above issues historically a strong part of the playbook for being a healthy American Democrat? Hey, my first vote was for Gene McCarthy. I know exactly what I’m writing about. Having gotten past Nixon, I learned a long time ago to politically avoid guys like Trump!

So let’s ask: Is Russia, in reality, a Leftist Twilight Zone and are America’s so-called liberal Democrats deeply confused? Do you think Rod Serling, the Twilight Zone creator, was a rightwinger? Would Serling, supposedly like Putin, ride bare-chested on the same horse as Trump? Don’t you hate when public relations sour!?!

The fact is neither Putin or Serling would be on that Trump horse. Both would oppose an Oligarch Derby! Did you know one of Putin’s first acts as the new Russian president was to kick the bad Russian oligarchs out of the country? Pissed and hating Putin, they took as much of their money as they could and fled to places like Ukraine, London, Cyprus, New York and Miami. What do you think these wealthy anti-Putin oligarchs festered, what with public relations connections, once they arrived in the western world?

I’m certain were Trump an oligarch living in Russia when Putin took over, Trump too would have gotten the bum’s rush. Also, Trump would never have anyone with him on a horse. He never could get along with anybody who could think, never mind being on the same horse with them. Trump would prefer his horse to have only saddlebags full of someone else’s money … very much like those bad oligarchs that Putin booted out of Russia.

To my liberal Democratic friends I offer the following message:

Stay the course of a strong and truthful lefty. Do not become a confused and shepherded into becoming synthetic liberal. Be, and stay, way-left! It’s society’s best and only hope!

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Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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Michael Weddle

Michael Weddle

Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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