Analysis of Democrats: A True Democrat Doesn’t Perform Mop-Up Duty!

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[Originally written as a Facebook Note on Wednesday, January 4, 2017]

Hillary Clinton was an extremely poor candidate running more on fantasy than reality. Her fantasy was she was the wife of an ex-president and she would have become the first female president. Her record both in the Senate and as Secretary of State was abysmal. Her ability as a candidate was also abysmal.

Twice she blew 60-point leads (Obama/Sanders) and she lost to Donald Trump, the candidate her political handlers with their media connections set up for her to oppose. She blew 1.2 billion dollars, never gave a press conference and stuck her middle finger into the face of every true progressive. Had Bernie Sanders not endorsed her she likely would have lost more states than she did, New Hampshire for example.

So now inside beltway political handlers (the Clinton Democrats) are counting on Trump performing so poorly that any moderate Democrat who has backing of corporate America will easily become the next president. They foolishly will position themselves as saviors who’ll come in and clean up the GOPwinger mess — just like Jimmy Carter, William Clinton and Barrack Obama. But the truth is we haven’t seen a shining light Democratic presidency since JFK!

Since JFK’s assassination, all America has seen is corporate wars, growing income inequality from trickle-down economics, a collapsing middle class, labor unions demolished, all of the municipal hospitals privatized and too many citizens locked into a burgeoning prison-probation system. We see politicians completely owned by Wall Street and its greedy tentacles. They are accountable only to it. Our infrastructure is crumbling, our water is poisoned, our environment in general ruined and species extinction dramatically on the rise. Our state of education is reprehensible. Worse, people who should naturally be united are instead deeply divided due to political manipulation.

One has to deeply wonder why JFK got shot. One has to wonder why his brother, Robert, was shot! And certainly one has to wonder the ramifications of Martin Luther King being shot! Indeed, JFK had the American Dream within our grasp! We lived as hopeful Americans!

It’s of critical importance to note replacement presidential Democrats stand for nothing! Had the party stuck with the principles of JFK, and later George McGovern (even through his defeat to Nixon), eventually the presidency would have been won based on genuine progressive ideals and principles. We never would have seen a string of Democrats become president only for GOPwinger mop-up duty.

The true Democrat doesn’t perform mop-up duty! The Democrat must remain rooted in progressive policy meant to benefit all citizens with sound governing principals. One who is willing to risk failure in order to try again. Presenting a reactionary “at-least-we’re-not-Republican” presidential campaign that is run by political manipulators who know how to guide the process is a complete failure for the people.

The Bernie Sanders Movement is the ONLY way to defeat Donald Trump-styled politics. People are sick of slick system insiders who’ve only got a knack for manipulating the media (and the elite donor class), the media itself bought, beholden and part to oligarchy. Governing is not meant to become a club for the privileged only (read The Princeton Study on oligarchy)! Bernie grew his strong campaign into a strong political movement without any help from the media. It ignored him until polls proved he required press coverage. Why was he able to overcome this? Because his principles were true. And this is the ONLY WAY Democrats win!

Democrats should never have to win the prisidency only because they are a better option. They need to win because they deserve to hold that office for the good governance of people!

If Democratic party leaders were smart they’d use common sense and closely gauge the society around them. Doing this, they’d quickly realize it is a Jesse Ventura type, or his son Tyrell, who would make the perfect DNC chair. Not only would they ring the nation with excitement, but importantly they’d draw the majority of independent voters into the party. This would help break the firm GOPwinger grip on Southern and Prairie states. Such a move would inherently become unifying.

Democrats MUST win Congress by 2020 when the census determines the future congressional districts. Otherwise, history will show Democrats fiddled and diddled with privilege and self-glorification while Rome burned! Going against Trump? Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will prove completely inept, at best! With them leading the charge, together with the recently-appointed Clinton operatives to the DNC war room, Democrats will not see any strength to party registration. The party will continue further decline.

Clinton insiders offer no incentive — None! — for folks like me to return to the party. I’ve been a lifelong Democrat! But after the Massachusetts Primary, sensing the Democratic Primaries were rigged, I changed my voter registration to Independent. There are millions like me and there will be more if the Bernie Sanders Movement is not quickly recognized.

If the Democratic Party does not change, even Bernie will abandon it! I know for a fact he hates plastic! So do I!

Voter Registration Changes:

Generally, the two political parties fluctuate between 25 to 30% of the electorate. Independent voters fluctuate between 40 to 45% of the electorate.

It appears the Democratic Party grows stronger when Independent voters switch their voter registration to Democrat in order to vote for Bernie Sanders in the closed primary states. A closed primary state is where Independent voters can not vote in a Democratic Primary. Seven of 10 Independent voters voted for Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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