America’s Propaganda War

As of this writing, so-called bible burners in Portland are now trending on Twitter. This begs the question: Who would be the two people, creating an enormous amount of media attention by promulgating such an act?

Almost as if on cue, a right winger has the quick answer:

One might also ask: Why do people who do such things always appear athletic, such as the Umbrella Man in Minnesota?

Let’s think about this.

There are good cops, there are bad cops; and there are good protesters, there are bad protesters. But let’s not forget about private mercenaries who get paid top dollar and tasked with all kinds of nasty provocative things, especially when it comes to moving a war of opinion. Such mercenaries have long specialized disrupting governments. We’ve seen it in Hong Kong, the Middle East, Africa, Latino nations and the Baltics. Given the state of division now in America and the ability to control America’s corporate-owned media, why wouldn’t this happen here?

Through the shades of Richard Nixon one can very easily imagine Donald Trump — remember that Trump grew up on Nixon!

America’s oligarchy has deep pockets and wants to protect those deep pockets! The consultants and operatives of Oligarchy know very well that burning American flags or bibles — especially looting — agitates the mindset of the ordinary American. Richard Nixon’s political operatives resorted to creating the drug war as a tool of repression against anti-Vietnam protesters.

Nixon’s honchos were very adept at riling up public opinion in order to support its growing unpopular Vietnam War. They even managed to influence a great Wall Street confrontation between peace protesters and America’s hardhats — imagine the hardhats coming to the rescue of Wall Street!?!

Common Sense

But when it comes to causes of peace, racial equality, rights of women, income equality and social and environmental justice, is it the policies of government that make common sense for people? Nope! Truth, especially on the aforementioned issues, resides on the side of protest.

Always see the trees for the forest!

Additional Considerations:

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