America’s Problem

— The Progressive Left got locked out of power after JFK was shot!

Frankly, It’s Brutal!

America’s Problem

America, a capitalist system, is all about profiteering. The center-left, center-right and far-right have teamed together to keep this the ultimate goal of our nation. If wars or proxy wars become necessary? Not a problem! America has been at war for 93% of the time of its existence.

Crystal Ball for The Future — Nina Turner!

Women are winning the day and, frankly, they are despite the odds best suited to bring our nation and our planet into a better positioning. Fortunately, Trump is out of gas in a multitude of ways whether it be by aging or corruption. I suspect the far-right GOPwingers are now grooming South Dakota governor Kristi Noem to become the Trump replacement with Florida governor Ron DeSantis as her running mate.

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