America’s Oligarch Enrichment Project Update

Reminder: America’s Chain of Command consists as follows:

  1. Oligarchs
  2. Extremely High-Paid Lobbyists/Consultants
  3. The Presidency
  4. The Congress, Governors, Mayors and State Legislators
  5. The Corporate Media

NOTE: Think of the American government as a good cop (D) and bad cop (R) scenario. Since JFK was shot, Democrats come in like back-up quarterbacks seemingly to clean up the GOPwinger mess. But they do this in a way that well preserves the oligarchy (see 2014 Princeton Study on Oligarchy).

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There’s Room At The Top They’re Telling You Still … But First You Must Learn How So Smile As You Kill … If You Want To Be Like The Folks On The Hill — John Lennon

Cleaning Trump & Investigatory Agencies

This is to highlight the quality of a Trump appointment recently confirmed by the US Senate. The appointment was expressly meant to help clean up Trump’s image. The recent Marvel Villain Team-Up of William Barr and Special Council Robert Mueller appears to let both Trump and the wayward US investigatory agencies off the hook, much like what was done previously with Iran-Contra, 9/11 and the War on Iraq

William Barr, US Attorney General:

In my humble opinion, Barr, like all other Trump appointments, will do his utmost to assure America will not play nicely with most other nations in the world. The Trump-Pence America — which is equivalent to Nixon-Agnew/Reagan-Bush/Bush-Quayle/Bush-Cheney administrations rolled into one — will continue to steal land where necessary and install (either by overthrow or CIA set-up) corporate-friendly governments in order to use slave-like labor to extract resources like oil, gold, diamonds, silver, copper, rubber, timber and rubber, etc.

Effects From Russiagate:

While all eyes were blindly on Russiagate, actual cases of corruption were lost or minimized and the quality of our government has seen only lip-service to electoral reform, increased threats of war, a disproportionately beefed-up defense budget, bombing in seven sovereign nations expanded showing more civilian deaths, unneeded tax breaks for the wealthy, withdrawal from the Paris Climate Change accords, destruction the crucial INF treaty, decimation of health care, increases in homelessness, net neutrality killed, increased foreign investment in our farmland, losses in labor, education and environmental protections and the private prison industry and the drug war rages on.

Meanwhile, Democrats dutifully took their positions on god, guns and gays with the wall thrown in — all of which main media accentuated.

New Democratic Leadership Needed!

Indeed, the entire Democratic leadership should resign. Let the Bernie Sanders forces take over so the real and needed issues get the attention they deserve!

Break-Up Big Media!

When Reagan-Bush took office there were 50 major media companies in America. Today, five corporations monopolize 90% of all US media. As with the Big Banks, we should also break up Big Media!

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Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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