America’s Oligarch Enrichment Project (AOEP)

— Supported by Oligarch Protection Units (OPUs)

Five or six (a merger pending) major media companies control 90% of all media in America!

America’s media has become a crucial Oligarch Protection Unit (OPU) functioning in cohorts with extremely high-priced consultants/lobbyists, the executive and diplomatic offices of the presidency and national and state office holders who see 90% re-election rates coupled to less than 20% approval rates. You got it — money buys and helps to ensure corporate-friendly people maintain elective office!

The revolving door sees our politicians leave politics in order to enter into the corporate domain of the military industrial complex, big oil, big pharma, big agri or think tanks like Brookings or Rand, etc. It’s pitiful!

Call it for what it is: America’s Oligarch Enrichment Project (AOEP)! Remember, when Reagan began his presidency there were 50 major media companies. The Clinton Administration’s decision — under pressure from Republicans and during turbulent times of impeachment — to deregulate the FCC changed the media landscape markedly. Obama did nothing to reverse it, and the GOPwingers just kept on in the corporate masturbation parade, enriching stockholders far and wide.

Even NPR is not what it once was. US politicians so starved the public broadcasting budget, the network needed to resort more and more to corporations for broadcasting support, thus deeply affecting its once strong bent for investigative journalism.

Anyway, below is NPR’s report on the Sinclair Broadcasting Group:

John Oliver on Sinclair monopolizing television news:

Conan O’Brien:

Perhaps now you know better why Wikileaks publisher and journalist Julian Assange got silenced and unfairly imprisoned in the UK, by the Trump Administration. Ironically, foolish Democrats never complained against Trump’s action due to Wikileaks previously releasing disclosures against Hillary Clinton. What’s sad is everything Wikileaks in the past has released, whether it was against Bush or Obama or other foreign leaders, has been true!

So, citizen, what do you plan on doing about this? Are you going to continue to allow the AOEP to use the military, private mercenary forces and proxy armies to help steal Syria’s land and oil? Venezuela’s gold and oil? Bolivia’s lithium? Africa’s diamonds? Afghanistan’s opium? South American or Indonesian rubber and timber? All of this happens and all we hear about it comes from a ‘potted plant’ from the Pentagon, State Department or CIA. The so-called “experts,” manifest in a now very well-controlled media, appear daily to inform you that all is well and that Russia and China are at fault.

Sadly, today, a hack-like status has infiltrated America’s investigative journalism, the once-honored and revered ombudsmen have all been dismissed and the editor at the national, state or city desk has only a corporate ear by which to relegate the media assignments.

Sad, but true!

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