America’s Next War — The GOPwinger War!

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[Originally written as a Facebook Note on Friday, August 11, 2017]

Where, oh, where will “The GOPwinger War” be?

North Korea would be worse than Vietnam — not a good war option! Syria was once a potential option, however it appears the Russian-Iranian alliance has helped the Syrian government win its country back — not a good war option! Iran would result in a can of worms (what would the US do after victory?) and, therefore, not a good war option! Ukraine seems very well handled by the Russians — it too is not a good war option!

So where will the Republicans get their war? Ironically, had Clinton been elected we likely would now be fully engaged with war in Syria. Those Bush-Cheney neocons who tagged along her campaign for the presidency weren’t doing so for no reason! This actually contributed to her defeat as Americans, tired of war, among other serous reasons, opted for a presumed outsider president.

But as the mid-term elections near, Republicans most likely will attempt to accomplish the following:

1) Counter-attack against Clinton Democrats. We are now beginning to see this with up tempo attacks against Loretta Lynch, and new focus on Clinton’s state department emails. Also, the pesky matter that the Russians hacked the DNC is falling apart.

Yes, there will be a very strong counter-attack and Trump will use the tools of government to pull this off. GOPwinger rhetoric will become obnoxious and relentless. Sadly, the Clinton Democrats and current leadership of the party have provided, and continue to provide them, with too many advantageous issues. Mistrust in the main media, upon which Democrats are reliant, will unfortunately work to Trump’s advantage.

2) They’ll beat the drumbeats of war through the mid-term elections and become engaged in a full war for the 2020 presidential election. It’s an always win-win strategy (hello Bush-Cheney!). Incumbents normally remain in office during times of war and no US incumbent president has ever lost a wartime presidency.

3) The GOPwingers will milk their legislative advantage by continuing control of the US House, easily the US Senate. In the 2018 Senate races Democrats are defending 25 senate seats whereas the GOPwingers are defending only 10. Absent a true political revolution by Democrats (hello Bernie!), the dreaded GOPwingers are poised to kick 2018 mid-term ass.

So where will Trump’s war likely become? Where can the drumbeats of war provide the least amount of damage but accomplish maximum results for the president, congressional incumbency and the military industrial complex? Note the media also does well in times of war!

Here’s a couple of hints!

1) The GOPwinger War, or threat of war, will likely become where Russians and Chinese are not.

2) The GOPwinger War will likely involve The Five Eyes (I’s = Intelligence) — Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand — America’s trusted war allies.

Here is the true hint: Venezuela is renown for excellent baseball players but they are no match for an unimpeded army of US soldiers using drug war connections from Colombia! Hello Grenada! Hello Panama! Think about Americans playing on Venezuelan baseball diamonds! The Democrats on any field will have a tough time hitting GOPwinger knuckleballers!

Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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