America’s Electorate Cheated The Most!

This is for RussiaGate fans!

Gareth Porter’s reporting proves a fun line spread through recent history: “Statistics are like a bikini. What they reveal is interesting; what they conceal is crucial!”

Beyond what Porter reported, one of the more alarming statistics to evolve from the political campaign that spawned RussiaGate is as follows:

“As described in greater detail below, our systems detected and hid just under half (48%) of the Tweets relating to variants of another notable hashtag, #DNCLeak, which concerned the disclosure of leaked emails from the Democratic National Committee….”

The above testimony was what Acting General Counsel, Sean J. Edgett of Twitter, Inc., stated before the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary, Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism on October 31, 2017 (link below).

In simple terms: Twitter deleted 48% of all tweets that included the hashtag #DNCleak. Edgett also said, “ With respect to #DNCLeak, approximately 23,000 users posted around 140,000 unique Tweets with that hashtag in the relevant period — see testimony). How many of those deleted tweets would have been retweeted, what was the effect of this on public opinion throughout the campaign and how many people became influenced to think the actual leak was a hack?

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How Can America Get Clean Elections?

Keep in mind the very existence of Russiagate has depended on the DNC computer system being hacked instead of leaked onto a thumb drive. The anti-Russian narrative has also provided cover for what Hillary Clinton did throughout her own campaign (cheated Bernie Sanders) and also helped to explain why she lost to Donald Trump, of all people.

But there was no problem with Russia influencing US elections, especially in a manner to elect Trump over Clinton. Trump always was and continues to remain full of warts. He never should have won. The mindset he represents and the Republicans who follow him in Congress need immediately be defeated.

Trump did have help winning the presidency but the help didn’t come from the Putin Russian government:

First, Clinton was the penultimate insider, running when the electorate wanted an outsider. Barrack Obama previously proclaimed himself an outsider and won, but governed as an insider. Trump masqueraded as outsider. Against this backdrop Clinton’s insider status made her an extremely risky nominee, plus she carried lots of controversial baggage.

Second, The GOPwinger Crosscheck voter elimination system was in service in 27 GOP-controlled states. This meant minority voters were erased from the voting rolls. For example, ‘Jack Johnson’ living in a minority zip code in Illinois and Jack Johnson living in a minority zip code in Michigan would both get purged from the voting rolls.

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In essence, especially in consideration to everything written above, Hillary Clinton cheated Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump cheated Hillary Clinton. Overall, during recent decades, it’s been Republicans who have cheated the most, ever since Lee Atwater trained his protogees Karl Rove, Roger Ailes, Roger Stone and Ed Rollins all of whom pretty much yielded to Steve Bannon.

Ultimately, however, it is America’s electorate that always gets cheated!

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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