America’s Best Spy Days Ever!

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Remember when spying once consisted of ads in comic books for seeing through clothing?

Although it never used to feel this way, I now get a feeling whatever I publish on Facebook or Twitter goes somewhere else before it gets to you, the reader. Isn’t that odd?

It used to be I’d write something and, once satisfied, I’d click publish and like magic it unhesitatingly would appear on my screen. These days, I click publish and my words, for a pause in time, briefly turn into a whitened gray screen before ultimately getting published.

I often wonder how far and wide does what I write travel. Am I limited? Or does what I write hold the power to reach the universe — lol?

America’s Best Spy Days Ever!

These being America’s best spy days ever, I’m forced to wonder:

Are ‘they’ watching me?Are ‘they’ watching you?

I recall reading somewhere the average person negotiating their way throughout a major city, on an average day, is surveilled on camera about 300 times a day.

What are they looking for?

Little ole’ me, a near-70-year-old small fry, a songwriting musician who makes no money due to my persistence for performing original music only? Me, an aging protester still protesting from the Civil Rights and anti-Vietnam War days? Me, who got drafted into the army instead of getting to go to Woodstock? Me, who instead of going to college hitch-hiked across America several times over? Me, whose been writing politics and music on the Internet since AOL 1.5? Little ole’ me who used to drive a cab in Cambridge, Massachusetts?

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I’m all grown up now — where is The Land of The Free I was promised?

If I’m being watched on the Internet it certainly can’t be due to corporate America wanting my consumer dollars and studying my consumer habits. I don’t have any. I don’t purchase anything anything online.

Now on medical disability with an extremely limited budget, I go to a mall about as often as I’d go on a date with a Republican woman — never at all! I’ve only visited E-Bay to get a price range on the value of a vintage musical instrument or some antique item — never bought anything!

Clearly, they don’t want my money. Like many of you, there is none — lol!

So, if I am being watched online, it’s gotta be from the protectors of capitalism and not by the capitalists themselves. For the record, I’m a Bernie Sanders-styled Democratic Socialist and I what I write online is written accordingly.

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Let’s Get On With It, Folks!

Yes, I’m anti-system because America’s system is wrong for people, as every generation, over and over, sees its bank accounts drained by Wall Street and today they are trapped in two-bit jobs or no job at all. For sure, I complain!

But I indeed also say “Right on!” to inventors and marketers of the hula-hoop, the pet rock, the Rubik’s Cube and small businesses far and wide. I love cottage industry! In my heart, I long for the family farmer!

But I forthrightly condemn ‘those bastards’ who deprive families of value, health care and opportunity for a living wage; who advocate bombing women, children and elderly in foreign lands; who use America’s militarism to prop up dictators in small nations in order to steal the mineral resources, using slave labor, from those nations; who wantonly destroy and dirty our environment for corporate gain; who perpetuate a civil liberties-draining drug war which forces too many folks to have to live within an underground reality. This list is woefully exhausting!

Forgive me, but I’m not an adherent to elite identity, and hero-worshiping has never worked for me! So if ‘they’ are watching me, this is all they’ll ever learn!

For What It’s Worth!

Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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