Apr 17, 2020

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America, Shame of The World!

America’s foreign policy is shocking, an insult to the goodwill and respect for sovereignty of other nations and it functions without regard for the existence of the United Nations!

US Warmongering

If anything, the Covid-19 virus proves the futility of America’s powerful military machine which does not defend the interests of the American people. Instead, it helps to reward war profiteers by keeping smaller nations in a state of submission so as to enable corporations to extract precious resources while exploiting cheap labor. These profits benefit a few fat cats at the top, not the rank and file citizenry.

Seven-hundred-and-fifty billion-dollar defense budgets do little to protect our nation which, inherently, already is rotected by the presence of 327 million Americans, an expansive ocean to east and west and friendly neighbors to the north and south. Contrary to US media propaganda — an integral component of America’s military-industrial-media complex — the Russians are not coming! Neither are the Chinese!

But positioning Russia and China as enemies, from a public relations point of view, helps to justify padding the pockets of the military-industrial complex and the supporting cast of pedigreed politicians who, using a revolving door, make money in all kinds of nefarious ways beyond their annual congressional salaries.

After the tragedy of the Vietnam War and mistakes from the War on Iraq, the American public has held little to no appetite for another full-blown war. Alternatively, politicians from both political parties have maintained a one-sided Cold War policy, promulgated proxy wars reliant on mercenary soldiering, militarily occupied foreign nations for either oil or geopolitical control, promoted a sanitized policy of drone-bombing to force other nations into submission and has frequently invoked castle siege-like sanctions which experts agree is a form of warfare.

US occupying Syrian oil

The Health of Nations

Meanwhile, we ignore medical practices and advancements of nations we consider adversarial. For example, what Cuba has accomplished medically is world renown and well-respected as a model to the world, but not here in America. That Cuba developed a means of eliminating HIV transmission from mother to child or that Russia developed an effective response to the Ebola virus, this gets little to no recognition in the USA. Few Americans even know that China eradicated smallpox two decades before the rest of the world.

China, with a population of 1.4 billion people, not only has provided health care for all its citizens, it has also developed a strong middle class. For some reason, this appears as no ‘big deal’ here in America, even though the US decimated its middle class while assigning too many to live in poverty, even homelessness. Meanwhile, 80 million Americans remain under-insured. No big deal?

Are we also to ignore the fact that Venezuela, under a socialist government, reduced extreme poverty by 70 percent — from 25.1 percent of households to 7.6 percent. It also provides health care to all of its people. Unfortunately, US media and politicians do not equate poverty, generally a kept or forced condition, or universal health care as a public health concern.

In America, military health and maintaining a profit system for oligarchy is more important than public health!

It’s prescient to ask why the Trump Administration would withhold funding to the UN’s World Health Organization (WHO) smack dab in the middle of a global pandemic. It appears Trump the politician, not Trump the humanitarian, seeks a scapegoat for failings of his own administration over slow-dealing with the Covid-19. Indeed, WHO declared a global emergency six weeks before the Trump Administration declared a national emergency. Trump’s actions have been, remain shameful, if not criminal.

Iran, hard hit by the virus and living under diffiult US sanctions, appears to have developed a test which can detect the presence of Covid-19 within five minutes and without using invasive procedures. If this proves an effective public health tool, its implications would prove remarkable for identifying presence of the virus. The test could help humanity!

Dealing with Covid-19, one of America’s greatest shortcomings has been its inability to efficiently and massively test and identify presence of the virus. The question now becomes: If the US lifted its sanctions on Iran, could Iran then assist with the development and distribution of this important Covid-19 detecting procedure? With US assistance could this test more quickly help the world? Or are US sanctions more important?

Whether militarily or medically, America has become the shame of the world!

America’s Oligarch Enrichment Project (AOEP)

The AOEP is principally why America has divorced itself from the rest of the world. Do you detect anything wrong with the below prevailing conditions of America:

  • Three people own as much wealth as 150 million Americans.
  • Since Reagan, CEO pay increased 940% while worker pay increased only 12%, this coupled to a marked increase in productivity.
  • Under Obama and Trump, 85–95% of all new wealth created goes to fat cats at the top.
  • 10% of America’s fat cats own 84% of all stock market investments, so why are we daily forced to have to listen to Dow Jones-NASDAQ reports?
  • 80% of all Americans remain under-insured. Most Americans can not afford a $500 home emergency.
  • When Reagan took office there were 50 major media companies. Today, five multi conglomerates control 90% of all media. US media no longer covers the news; it controls the news.
  • The electorate is easily controlled. Using rounded numbers, only 50% vote in national elections; 33% in state elections and 18% in municipal elections. So the president is elected with slightly over 25% of the vote; governors with 17% of the vote and mayor at around 10%.Voter registration generally breaks down to both the GOP and DEM parties at 25 to 30% and Independent voters at 40 to 45%. More than not, the money wins!
  • Members of Congress maintain an approval rating of 20% with a re-election rate of 95%.

As astonishing as all of the above is, what holds it all together? Why are these the prevailing conditions in America? The AOEP, oligarchy, is held together and supported by what I call Oligarch Protection Units (OPUs). The OPU components are as follows:

  • Extremely high-paid consultants & lobbyists who dictate upon pedigreed politicians the wants and needs of oligarchy.
  • The president of the United States.
  • Members of Congress, governors and state legislators.
  • The media.

The four component OPUs function as an offensive/defensive mechanism to preserve the AOEP (see 2014 Princeton Study on Oligarchy). After eight years of being sickened by Bush-Cheney policies, what America needed then was for Barack Obama to put forward Bernie Sanders/FDR-styled policies.

Instead, Obama joined the AOEP as its most prominent black member and America has been left with the misery of AOEP member Donald Trump! Will Trump be elected to further the policies of oligarchy? Or will Joe Biden simply step in, like a back-up quarterback, for Team Oligarchy?

In conclusion, we, the people, should have taken to the streets a long-long time ago!

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