America … Be A Positive World Leader — End The Death Penalty!

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[Originally written as a Facebook Note on November 4, 2015]

Americans live in fear!

We find ourselves in the aftermath of two regionally destabilizing wars that widened into smaller, potentially larger, conflicts in multiple nations. From these wars we’ve seen the death, injuries and displacement of millions of people, perhaps the the largest migration of people in the history of humanity.

From these wars the US has committed torture in direct violation of international laws and treaties. Parallel this violence with a domestic increase of police militarization, brutality and discriminatory practices. Then there’s the mass killings of innocents from gun violence, gang warfare and, yes, gun suicides!

Violence has Americans living in fear! A

Indeed, America influences the world to become more violent! Eliminating capital punishment is a crucial and important needed step to reverse the trend of violence in our nation, in our world.

Doing this would become a powerful influence for other nations. Other democracies already have stopped executing people, but some nations — including America — have not. If you think about it, eliminating capital punishment would also become the perfect response to the well-publicized beheading practices within the Middle-Eastern region which America has principally helped to destabilize.

Eliminating capital punishment would restore a sense of conscience to our people. It would also be a perfect American response to the recent US Torture Report.

How is it that a child is taught to share, only to grow into a world of keep and violence? What can be more violent than executing someone! How does a growing child nurture and perceive this terrible contradiction?

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Too many people have been wrongfully convicted and we end up killing innocent people. How can we live with this fact? America needs to reset its moral compass! Capital punishment violence does not help the mindset of a growing child!

Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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