Alex Jones Censorship Ultimately Rumbles Leftward

— Those who should care look the other way!

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I knew from the very start, when Alex Jones got censored, that ultimately the aim of social media censorship would be more for the political left. You see,

Clearly, it is in the money-grabbers best interests to censor the political left which presents calls ranging from a more balanced form capitalism to outright socialism. Read: Reduction of profits!

Clinton Media Machine

Once again, we’re witnessing the power of Hillary Clinton’s formidable media machine coming down on the side of Liz Warren.

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Indications of this can be gleaned from how the main media has lately been reporting on Warren in comparison to Bernie Sanders. Bernie’s standing, importance, his positions and rallies become less focused, compared to Warren’s becoming full view and featured.

Notice anyone missing in this MSNBC promo of the race?

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Oh, where, oh where has the photo of Bernie Sanders gone … long time passing!

Media-wise, Joe Biden, has been reduced to campaigning from GaffeLand where his mispronouncements and thought stream is now well criticized, especially when compared to the articulate Warren.

Indeed, the now fab fav Liz has become The New Joe … best for the Democratic nomination.

Many now argue MSNBC has become a pro-Warren propaganda outlet, much like it was for Clinton in 2016. Here we go again, folks!

Major Controversy

How the media reported about the recent Working Families Party (WFP) endorsement of Warren — where the leadership vote (leaning to Warren) faced off against the vote of the organization’s membership (demographically more in tune with Sanders) — is noteworthy. Main media’s WFP reporting was combined into a huge public relations bonanza involving Warren’s speech at Washington Square Park where she was introduced by the WFP director.

First of all, the media barely reported at all that Bernie Sanders won the WFP endorsement during the 2016 election. But this year’s endorsement came with tremendous fanfare for Warren.

Secondly, in 2016 the organization was very transparent and released the vote totals of both the membership and the leadership. This year, it refuses to release the vote total of the membership compared to the vote total of the leadership. The vote of 10,000 members represents 50% and the vote of the leadership (56 people) also represents 50%. The winner is determined by the weight of the two percentages combined.

People’s Policy Project founder Matt Bruenig made the mathematical case for why WFP may have made the decision at on Tuesday:

Thirdly, when scores of WFP members, and others who closely follow the organization, rightfully complained on Twitter and elsewhere about the lack of transparency of the WFP endorsement vote, they were met with a barrage from media and those involved with NGO funding organizations, accusing those who complained of being very “Bernie Bro”-like.

This reeks of shades of Hillary, folks!

Clearly, the Clinton media machine is now squarely behind Warren as the still Clinton-controlled DNC continues its path to create an ‘anybody-but-Bernie Sanders’ Democratic nomination. What’s really sad about this is it’s very likely that Trump & The GOPwingers are preparing their 2020 campaign based on a strategy that takes into account the DNC will screw Bernie Sanders a second time. The DNC operates at great peril!

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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