Agreement with Syrian Government & SDF-Kurds Could Mean Peace

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The below AMN reporting is great news!

“Despite some friction in the past, the Syrian Army and SDF appear to be mending their relationship, especially in northeastern Syria.”

No true peace will come in Syria until the SDF-Kurds and the Syrian government come to terms. This is especially so given the SDF-Kurds now control, with backing of the US, all Syrian territory east of the Euphrates River, nearly two-thirds of Syria’s oil resources and the important Arab-populated Syrian city of Raqqa.

The Kurds were paid, armed, trained and equipped by the US into a substantial fighting force. The US also has provided intelligence and air cover for the Kurds. The SDF battles with ISIS has also provided the US with an excuse to maintain an illegal military presence in Syria.

In essence, the SDF-Kurds became a proxy army for the US in Syria, and the US has promised backing for their long-sought goal of Kurdish statehood. In exchange, of course, the US would get to plant a huge military base into a new Kurdish state and the new state would essentially serve not only as a pawn of the US but also as a buffer meant to isolate Lebanon and Syria from Iraq and Iran.

The problem with this is the clear and obvious fact the United States does not hold sovereignty in Syria. Only the Syrian government, elected by the Syrian people, has sovereignty in Syria. Furthermore, the only nations welcome in Syria are those nations that have specifically been invited into Syria by Syria. The US is not among them.

US Helped Create The Syrian War

The US originally helped to set the table for civil unrest in Syria, back when ISIS was formed, and it continues to push for Syrian “regime change.” Read Seymour Hersh on how the US helped to arm Syrian rebels: )

Read the recent preposterous, inaccurate and revisionist statement by U.S. envoy to Syria, James Jeffrey:

The US interest in Syria is:

On behalf of Israel and Saudi Arabia, the US is committed to keeping the Shia Crescent divided. If Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran combine into an economic-geopolitical alliance it would represent a territory as large as the United States, it would control vast amounts of resources, would become aligned with Russia and China and it would also function as an important gateway into Mediterranean ports, Euroasia, The Stan Region and Lower Asia.

The US could care less about the Syrian people. Significantly, more and more, the SDF Kurds are realizing the US doesn’t care much about them either, especially since Turkey has now moved its military forces into northwestern Syria and has vowed to take the Kurdish controlled land in northeastern Syria. The SDF Kurds are beginning to realize they are mere pawns in the US game.


Because the US strategically attempts to placate Turkey in order to prevent Turkey from aligning more strongly with Russia. Also, Turkey’s intervention in Syria helps to solidify the US plan to carve Syria into multiple principalities, each in conflict with the other.

US Wants a KurdiUSstan Nation

First, the US, on behalf of Israel, wants Iran out of Syria. But it is not the call of the US to make such a demand. This is a call only Syria can make. Syria invited Iran to help it eliminate the ISIS/Al Qaeda terrorists which the US helped create and logistically support in Syria, hoping those militants would completely overthrow the Bashar al-Assad Syrian government.

Second, the only possible way Iran would leave Syria is if the US itself left Syria. But the US is intent on maintaining military logistics, using the Kurdish control of Syrian land, in the event it decides to launch a military campaign against Iran. Meanwhile, the US continues clandestinely supporting terrorist militants dedicated to overthrowing the Syrian government.

Conclusion For Peace

If the Kurdish government leaders would forsake their alliance with the US and rehabilitate its relationship with Damascus, it could achieve immediate semi-autonomous status, coupled with a more realistic goal of eventual statehood, founded on principles of diplomacy instead of by coercive military action required by its alliance with the US.

More importantly, the SDF Kurds and the Syrian government working together would help to end the fighting.

The SDF Kurds would gain more support for its critical problems with Turkey from a Syrian-Russian-Iranian alliance than it would from the US whose influence in the region is increasingly diminishing.

End the war!

More food for thought:

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