After-Dosing Covid Infectivity Rates

[NOTE: See important updates at bottom of article.]

Below, is a very interesting presentation by John Campbell, Ph.D. (Nursing), relative to infection rates after the Pfizer dose has been administered.

It appears the longer the time between the two doses of the Pfizer medication, the greater the longevity of protection. Dr. Campbell does a comparative of Israel where the length of time between the two doses was two weeks (also mostly true of the US), matched with The UK where the length of time between the two doses has been eight to 11 weeks. It turns out the Brits are getting greater protection from infection.

Importantly, however, the reality is both Israel and the UK show hospitalization rates and death rates are markedly subdued as a result of both dosing procedures. The essential problem is more a matter of infectivity.

This is not good news for those who are elderly and/or who have other complicating medical factors.

What also seems troubling is the data potentially shows that continual dosing might be required over a greater length of time (years maybe?) in order to thoroughly beat back the Covid virus. It’s also noteworthy that the current rapidity of rates of infection are resulting from the Delta variant, which now has become dominant. Moreover, the nagging question: Might a future variant become even worse?

We are not out of the woods!

Best strategy is to help get others vaccinated as quickly as possible. The quicker we reduce rates of infectivity, the sooner we can stop dosing ourselves … and again live normal lives.

Hopefully, the ultimate lesson we learn from Covid is the clear need for a health care system free for all, and that all governments must have pandemic preventative and response measures always in place.

Seriously, now — get vaccinated!

Updates & Additional Reading

August 6, 2021 Update:

3rd ‘Booster’ Shot being readied for late-August and September for elderly and immunocompromised.

August 5, 2021 Update:

3rd dose booster shots potentially in the mill for those most vulnerable.

August 4, 2021 Update:

>>>”The U.S. is expected to endure a rough next few weeks no matter what.”<<<

August 2, 2021:

Sure seems like the best of all possible moves is to beat back the Delta variants before Lambda and its variants get to make a widely contagious play!

>>>”Delta infections among vaccinated likely contagious; Lambda variant shows vaccine resistance in lab”<<<

July 31, 2021 Update:

According to the below reporting:

>>>”Officials and experts widely view immediate vaccinations in the U.S. and around the world as the best way to reduce the risk of more harmful variants from developing.

“Now is the time for people to get vaccinated,” Assistant Secretary of Health Rachel Levine told Washington Post Live on Friday. “That’s the best way to protect against the development of these variants.’”<<<

July 30, 2021 Update:

From the NBC reporting below:

>>>”The CDC is now changing tactics amid new information showing that fully vaccinated people who get Covid can transmit the virus to others.”<<<

July 28, 2021 Update:

The Different Vaccines and Timelines

July 26, 2021 Update:

July 20, 2021 Update:



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