America In a World of Irony?

— Or do we have a sad world when compared to its potential?

It’s an ironic world where once the Brits were world imperialists and now America, whose early citizens sought refuge from the Brits, has become the leading imperialist force in the world, bogged down on immigration issues. This, as the prominent Statue of Liberty still calls for “tired and huddled masses.”

It’s an ironic world when America, priding itself on freedom, keeps more people per capita in jail than any other nation.

It’s an ironic world when America, priding itself on Democracy, has among the very worst voter turnouts of all democracies. The below Pew Study shows the US ranking 30 out of 35 nations studied:

It’s an ironic world when hardcore Second Amendment adherents discover their fabled amendment also provided precedence for conscientious objection and that the amendment’s militias of the time were overly utilized for rounding up slaves.

It’s an ironic world when Republican economic politics actually hurt Republicans. So many GOPwingers are bogged down on god, gun and gay issues they don’t notice the adverse economic impact GOP policy has on their own lives. Think!

It’s an ironic world when Russian President Vladimir Putin’s speeches, press conferences and actions prove he is a better Democrat than current day leadership Democrats.

It’s an ironic world when the Republican and Democratic party platforms of policy are all but ignored so it can be determined which political party’s oligarchs will get to win (see 2014 Princeton Study on Oligarchy).

It’s an ironic world when so many Americans pride themselves as being Number One.

What’s most ironic in our world — particularly here in America — is the fact we possess technology and resources such that everyone in the world can both be healthy and comfortable, and instead we inspire dumbing-down and acquiescence characteristics while forsaking our inherent gifts for creativity and the sharing lessons we learned as children.

Sadly and ironically, America perhaps can best be described as Number One in greed!

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!