A Remote Trump Possibility Nobody Considers

— Could Trump govern in a way opposite to what we expect?

[This was originally written as a Facebook Note in November 2016]

The Donald Trump we know will soon realize draining the swamp is for others less washed than he. Most likely, he’ll routinely settle into becoming Oligarch-in-Chief.

The Trump we know will think he can make great trade deals within the Realm of Oligarchy, that everybody will love his presidency and his success help assure a future for his children as governors and senators, perhaps even a second Trump presidency. That his presidency will also make him lots of money!

Interestingly, Clinton held a similar belief and took a similar route. But her affinity towards wealth, greed and elitism caused her to fail miserably. You see, coddling only to the wealthy creates the kind of wheeling-dealing that requires a militarized police state with a condition where nearly everyone is kept on the edge of desperation. The history of nations show this is not a good recipe for governing.


Because it is the heart of the people that counts the most! These days a US president who governs for all people is rare. Since JFK was shot, the closest we’ve gotten to this condition are the post-presidential actions of Jimmy Carter. His kindness and wisdom today hovers over us ghost-like, even though he is still alive.

If Trump really wants to create a future Trump political dynasty, a new kind of Camelot, then he’ll have to re-fashion himself into a new brand of JFK. Otherwise, there will be no connection to the heart of the people. Our society will only see swamp lands widen under a sphere of corrupt profiteering.

Right now, Trump is at a pivotal moment. Everybody is attacking him, me included. However, somebody somehow should get the JFK idea into his thinking. Otherwise, like Clinton, he won’t stand a chance in history — and, more importantly, neither will we or our children!

PS: Forever the optimist, I remain.

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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