Trump’s Umbrella; Killer “W” Gets Liberty Medal; Trump Gives Medal of Freedom Award to Casino Donor — What a World!

It would have been a rainy day for Mr. Trump. So rainy he can’t attend the 100th French Memorial for Veterans who died in World War One. George W. Bush was once often called “the wimp.” The reality of today shows it is actually Donald J. Trump who is the Wimp-in-Chief!

Of course, Trump’s cancellation is perhaps understandable considering the frequent video on record proving Trump’s inability to negotiate handling an umbrella both physically and with etiquette.

Perhaps The Only Thing He Did Right — Challenge The Rain!

I despise the guy under cover in the photo above. He, his cohort Dick Cheney, and Republican and Democratic members of Congress, as well as succeeding presidents, created a chain reaction of disasters that killed, injured and displaced from their homes millions of people in the Middle East — all for oil and geopolitical positioning for oligarch America!

It’s noteworthy that the Median Age (half older/half younger) indicator of nations where the US bombs is near the low-20 years of age mark. Comparatively, in the USA it’s 38.1; in socialist Cuba, sanctioned by the US, it’s 41.5!

For those who keep track, the Median Age is a far greater indicator than the GDP, the Dow Jones or Emerging Market trends! But who cares — old soldiers don’t die young, only young ones do!

Anyway, it was simply too wet for Trump to attend the 100th-Year Veterans Memorial in France. USA Chief of Staff General John Kelly and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joe Dunford will visit the cemetery instead — way to take one for the chief, guys!

Democrat Biden Gives GOPwinger Bush Liberty Medal!

Tomorrow, in Philadelphia, former-Vice President Joe Biden will present George W Bush with the Liberty Medal, previously awarded to Rep. John Lewis (2016), the Dalai Lama (2015), Malala Yousafzai (2014), Mohammed Ali (2012), Nelson Mandela (1993), Thurgood Marshall (1992) and Jimmy Carter (1990). Others to receive this medal, including Hillary Clinton (2013), include a long line of other leaders who’ve made the world worse, not better.

For the most part — not always, but often — Liberty Medal recipients appear more as members of a worldwide oligarchy rewarding each other, fooling each other with a false sense of freedom and playing the politics of the day as to who gets the medal and who gets to deliver the medal.

It’s actually quite disgusting!

Oligarchs made lots of fanfare when both George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton together received Liberty Medals in 2006. See how great America is, how the two political parties work together? Well, this is precisely the problem!

They only work together in a good cop (D) vs. bad cop (R) kind of scenario. Wars continue, labor gets screwed as inequality grows, people pay up the yin-yang for health, the environment worsens, food becomes less safe and the raping of third world nations for oil, diamonds, gold, silver, copper, tin, timber and rubber etc. continues while utilizing slave labor. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer and America’s middle class (the American Dream) has collapsed.

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America Has Gone So Far Right Trump is Often Described as Hitler!

So why are Democrats rehabilitating Bush? Well, if penultimate political insider Hillary Clinton is too frail healthwise to try for the 2020 presidency — RussiaGate helped keep her viable — the oligarchy will prefer a Joe Biden type. Biden’s the Democratic back-up for America’s oligarchy, which frankly would be perfectly happy to continue with Trump. However, Trump might not be the same given he won’t control both chambers of Congress and, among other predilections, he really doesn’t know how to get along.

Also, do not forget America’s media is in on it. Of the five corporations controlling 90% of the media — how your impressions get formed and shaped — its ownership are oligarchs in good standing.

The ultimate objective is to keep the Bernie Sanders style of political leadership away from leading American politics! Oligarchs don’t like it when they’ve got to take a hit! Do not let the two political parties, who breed leadership and candidates by pedigree and pecking order, make the decision for you … start supporting people politics right now!

Get behind Sanders!!!

If you don’t act now, expect more of the same. You might as well set back and relax as good ole’ Joe gives Dubya the Liberty Medal and the mobster president gives the casino mogul’s wife the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Watch these images on television and quip to yourself, “How nice!”

Puppet Show Continues … Trump Bestows High-End GOP Donor With Presidential Medal of Freedom Award

Miriam Adelson, wife of casino owner and GOP megadonor Sheldon Adelson, will receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Adelson recently gave $100 million to help elect Republicans. The Adelsons joined Trump to watch the 2018 Mid-Term election results at The White House. Among other Jewish donor notables, together as the votes came in, they munched down hot dogs, hamburgers and french fries on elegant dinnerware.

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Free Delivery — Donald Trump

Meanwhile, the Founding Fathers of our nation, who would never have been invited to such event, continue to roll in their graves with a realization America is no longer “home of the free and home of the brave,” that America has become a Land of Oligarchy!

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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