Mixed-Bag of Investigative Journalists, Authors & Analysts:

[NOTE: Originally created as a Facebook Note on January 31, 2017, edited multiple times, continues as a work in progress.]

I’ve been in the belly of the beast and know my politics reasonably well: civil rights/voting rights movements; anti-Vietnam war (discharged from military as a conscientious objector; anti-nuclear power protest; two terms of service in NH’s state legislature; a losing bid for congress while calling for drug legalization; organizer of two major drug policy conferences at Harvard’s law school; #3 finisher out of 220,000 participants in CNN’s 2016 Political Prediction Market contest and designated by Medium.com as a Top Political Writer for the 2016 election.

I recommend following writers and commentators whose research and contributions are noteworthy. I suggest you follow what they and their colleagues share with each other on social media. Sadly, America’s now-monopolized corporate media no longer presents itself as a reliable source. It is nothing like it was in the past. To sharper minds, it has morphed into a dinosaur media.

Oligarch protection and corporate advertising influences decimated main media’s objectivity. Today, a handful of corporations control 90% of all media. Sadly, mainstream media has eliminated its traditional once highly revered ombudsmen critics, replaced many of its investigative journalists with Pentagon/State Department/CIA plants and essentially functions as an Oligarch Protection Unit (OPU).

Acutely aware the public’s attention span lasts only a short cycle, outright lies, distortions, omissions and perversions of truth have become common. Consider how a headline or the first few paragraphs of reporting fails to match the content as you read deeper into an article. At one time an “anonymous source” required understood standards. Today, they are randomly and multiply included and even duplicated as necessary in order to cover and/or make a desired slant for reporting.

Perhaps the greatest example has been the steady stream of media bombshells related to Russiagate. Note below comedian Lee Camp’s YouTube critique of a star reporter for CNN, and the wider media in general:

It’s also noteworthy to wonder why main media relegates Donald Trump as the chief proponent for arguing “fake news.” So long as the historically unreliable Trump maintains this stature, viewers are less likely to believe, understand or even know about meaningful criticisms forthcoming from critics like Seymour Hersh, Noam Chomsky or Chris Hedges. Take the UK’s Craig Murray, for example.

1) Twitter/Facebook

Follow the below names on Twitter and Facebook and read what they and their colleagues write about. Sadly, main media is no longer reliable! You might as well turn off your networked news newscasts.

Most of the names mentioned below are Progressive, some are Libertarian and a few are Conservative — many, if not all, are controversial. It’s best to study and understand multiple sides of an issue. Do not let main media simply lead you into the herd with a smile on your face! Question just about everything!

[NOTE: It is important to realize who, among well-known mainstream journalists, is absent from the below list.]

Notable opinion-makers:

RIP: I.F. Stone, Robert Parry, Serena Shim, William Blum, Justin Raimondo, Stephen F. Cohen, Alexander Cockburn, David Graeber, Robert Fisk and Michael Hastings.

Julian Assange, Kristinn Hrafnsson, John Pilger, Whitney Webb, Pepe Escobar, Ralph Nader, Richard Wolff, Aaron Maté, Abby Martin, Chris Hedges, George Galloway, Gareth Porter, Seymour Hersh, Noam Chomsky, Glenn Greenwald, Lucy Komisar, Joe Lauria, Craig Murray, Ray McGovern, Greg Palast, William Montague, Billmon, Bernhard, John Kiriakou, Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, Oliver Stone, Stephen Lendman, Matt Taibbi, Caitlin Johnstone, Ben Norton, Max Blumenthal, Lee Camp, Garland Nixon, Eva Bartlett, Hedwig Kuijpers, Jimmy Dore, Nafeez Ahmed, Margaret Kimberly, James Bamford, Jamarl Thomas, Shane Stranahan, Vanessa Beeley, Paul Jay, Jesse Ventura, Kim Iverson, Robert Sheer, The Saker, Paul Pillar, Eva Golinger, Jeremy Scahill, Rania Khalek, Mike Whitney, Gerald Horne, Elizabeth Vos, Katie Halper, Catherine Austin Fitts, Tareq Haddad, Benjamin Dixon, James Howard Kunstler, Patrick Cockburn, Naomi Klein, Tim Black, Patrick Lawrence, Rachel Blevins, Mike Prysner, Kevin Gosztola, Michael Moore, Norman Solomon, David Sirota, Krystal Ball, Mark Ames, Eric Zuesse, Elijah J. Magnier, Paul L. Williams, Adam Carter, The Forensicator, Amy Goodman, Rick Sanchez, Caleb Maupin, Medea Benjamin, Vijay Prashad, Shaun King, Jordan Chariton, Ian Goodrum, Webster Tarpley, Thom Hartmann, Juan Cole, Alexander Mercouris, As’ad Abukhalil, Gerald Celente, Mike Papantonio, Ryan Christian, Lee Fang, Lee Stranahan, Sarah Stillman, Tyrel Ventura, Ghassan Kadi, Mark Crispin Miller, Saagar Enjeti, Tim Anderson, Peter Kuznick, Dan Cohen, Phillip Giraldi, David Cay Johnston, James Fallows and James Corbett.

There are many others, but the above list is a great start!

2) Independent Platforms — YouTube, Journals, etc.

Below Are Independent Wide-Ranging Perspectives:

[Each of the below will aggressively challenge main corporate media. They include primarily progressive voices, some mixed-source and even some esoteric perspectives. It’s up to you who is seeking reason and balance to decide where you place value.]

Wikileaks, Consortium News, VIPS, Pushback, Moon of Alabama, Fault Lines, Progressive Soapbox, Veterans for Peace, Black Lives Matter, Redacted Tonight, CodePink, Anonymous, GrayZone Project, Common Dreams, Counterpunch, acTVism Munich, The Saker, Truthdig (archive), DW News, Al Jazeera-English, RT, Asia Times Online, RT-CrossTalk, Black Socialists of America, Rolling Stone Useful Idiots, George Galloway’s Mother of All Talk Shows, The Jimmy Dore Show, RT-On Contact, Moderate Rebels, NowThis, IndependentLeft.News, Eyes-Left Podcast, Our Revolution, Ralph Nader Radio Hour, Empire Files, Jacobin, Media Roots Radio, ShadowProof, FireDogLake (archive), Ring of Fire, Truthout, Anti-War.com, Watching The Hawks, Rising — Krystal & Saagar, The Left Coaster, Anti-Media, The Nation, The Progressive, The John Bachelor Show, Geopolitics Alert, Disobedient Media, @TheWarNerd, Status Coup, UK Column News, China Daily Global Edition, Political Misfits, The Keiser Report, New Eastern Outlook, Southfront, Tim Black TV, The Real News Network, Primo Nutmeg, The New Republic, Humanist Report, The Rational National, Russia Insider, Political Vigilante, The Last American Vagabond, Oriental Review, Peter B. Collins Show, Dissident Voice, The Convo Couch, Secular Talk, Data For Black Lives, Whiskey Bar (archive), Media Lens, The Duran, Off-Guardian, Moscow Times, The Zero Hour, Chapo Trap House, Lionel Nation (Lionel has an unusual “Conspiratorium” — lol), Brave New Films, Status Coup, Intercept, The Outer Light, We Are Change, Talk-Radio, MrMBB333 (for strange phenomenon), America-Friendly Dictator Trading Cards.

NOTE: I’m sure there are many I’ve missed — if you have recommendations, please offer them — thanks!

Additional Reading:

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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