A Land Once Prided On Liberty Becomes Corrupt!

— DNC Computer Data Not Hacked — It Was Leaked!

[NOTE: This was originally published as a Facebook Note on August 2, 2017 and was subsequently updated. Much to the chagrin of many Facebook Note authors, FB discontinued its Notes feature. In the process, it butchered the historical record and written work of many FB Note authors.]

Russiagate stained the Democratic Party much like the once-Dixiecrat Democrats did back in the past! Still, however, there is no reason to support the disdainful GOPwingers!

Five Key Points:

1) No proof exists anywhere that Russians hacked the DNC computers.

[8/3 UPDATE: The Mueller Report fails to prove the Russians hacked the DNC computers.]

2) NSA expert Edward Snowden has written the following:

“The aversion to sharing #NSA evidence is fear of revealing “sources and methods” of intel collection, but #XKEYSCORE is now publicly known.” This, plus the Wikileaks public release of the Vault 7 Series shows every trick in the CIA-NSA computer technology handbook. There’s nothing comprised releasing such information. Why not release it?

[8/3 UPDATE: Nothing has changed on this.]

3) The DNC has refused multiple times to receive help from the FBI, DHS and other intelligence agencies. Instead, even though a felony crime has been committed, it is allowed to solely rely on its own politically-connected tech firm, Crowdstrike, to support its assertion Russians hacked the DNC and main media interprets as gospel.

Crowdstrike has released two reports. Report-A produced a “moderate degree of confidence” that the Russians hacked; and Report-B produced a “high degree of confidence.” Report-B has been refuted by the world’s leading computer technology experts and the research Crowdstrike used to support its finding has been determined point-blank erroneous. Although Crowdstrike should have outright refuted Report-B’s findings, instead it offered a muted retraction, one weaker than should have been. Even so, main media has failed to cover the retraction. Instead, the media functions as if Crowdstrike was never challenged.

[8/3 UPDATE: It has since been disclosed The Clinton Campaign and the DNC hired the Perkins-Coie law firm which hired Crowdstrike and the tech firm ultimately delivered to the FBI an incomplete and redacted copy of its report which the FBI never challenged. Also, an exceedingly large portion of the DNC emails Wikileaks released were obtained by Wikileaks after Crowdstrike installed its preventative Falcon anti-hacking technology.]

4) Main media and politicians have perpetually reported, as if a matter of fact, that the Russians hacked the DNC. Wikileaks, which published the DNC data, repeatedly has denied it relied upon Russian sources for its released information. Wikileaks has existed for 10 years and has NEVER been proven wrong.

[8/3 UPDATE: This remains true.]

5) Upon receipt of Crowdstrike’s Report-B, President Obama directed a multi-intelligence agency investigation. Ultimately, a Multi-Agency Intelligence Assessment Report was produced, written by 20 hand-picked people from only three of the agencies: FBI, NSA and CIA. But, to add gravity to the finding, 17 intel agencies were instructed to sign onto the report, which also included a disclaimer (we all read disclaimers, right?) stating it could not vouch for the accuracy of anything within the report. The report relied upon Crowdstrike’s findings and also a 35-page intelligence dossier (The “Dirty Dossier”) compiled by a former British spy who was paid $250,000 by Fusion GPS, a secretive research firm renown for its close political ties. The dossier claims Trump colluded with Russia to attack the DNC computers, among several other nasty representations. Much though I despise Trump, the document was only intended as a smear job.

[8/3 UPDATE: It turns out Crowdstrike compiled three reports, the third incomplete and redacted. It was also determined the Clinton Campaign and DNC, via its Perkins-Coie law firm, hired Fusion GPS to compile the dossier. The dossier as an illegal means by which to obtain the FISA warrants to spy on Carter Page.]


1) Is anyone anywhere aware of other information mainstream media has discovered and used in order to promulgate this extraordinary claim Russians hacked the DNC emails? Where is the actual credible evidence and verification of same?

2) Is there any evidence which shows DNC operative Seth Rich might have been involved with leaking data to Wikileaks? Why has main media acted strangely, or not at all, reporting known facts or missing facts regarding Seth Rich? Why is a DNC communications specialist now in charge of speaking for the Rich family? Why was the private investigator once he began probing the political aspects of the case removed from his job. Are the mysterious actions of the family possibly an effort to protect Seth’s brother from involvement? Lots of questions and too many easy assumptions, like the botched robbery for example.

[8/3 UPDATE (scroll to 101:23 of below youtube video:]


[NOTE: The above YouTube video has been deleted and is no longer available for public viewing. It almost seems like it has become illegal to mention Smith’s name.]

3) Why has the main media completely ignored a lawsuit, now active in a federal Florida court, against the DNC? This lawsuit could result in a 260 million dollar judgment against the DNC? One would think the lawsuit would be newsworthy!

8/3 UPDATE: The DNC lawsuit was dismissed, on August 25, 2017, based on a legal technicality of standing, but in the course of Judge William Zlock’s dismissal the judge made the following comment on Page Nine:

>>>“The Court thus assumes that the DNC and Wasserman Schultz preferred Hillary Clinton as the Democratic candidate for president over Bernie Sanders or any other Democratic candidate. It assumes that they stockpiled information useful to the Clinton campaign. It assumes that they devoted their resources to assist Clinton in securing the party’s nomination and opposing other Democratic candidates. And it assumes that they engaged in these surreptitious acts while publically proclaiming they were completely neutral, fair, and impartial.”<<<

As a note, the existence of the lawsuit was barely, if at all, reported in mainstream media. However, notice of the dismissal of the lawsuit was widely disseminated.

4) Why has main media completely ignored the lawsuit in Ohio where the company that conducted the exit polls in the primaries is being sued? Eleven of 26 exit polls did not match up to meet even standards established by the UN for certification when it oversees an election. Failing this standard sure seems smelly!

[8/3 UPDATE: Relative to exit polling of 2016 election:]

5) Why has the main media completely ignored the Republican voter suppression CrossCheck program which wiped millions from the voting rolls (see investigative journalist Greg Palast)? Would Trump have won Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania without assistance from CrossCheck removing pro-Democratic voters? Why was the CrossCheck architect, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, so richly rewarded by the Trump Administration with an appointment to the national voting commission?

8/3 UPDATE: Instead of a special elections commission reviewing how Democrats rigged the 2016 Democratic Primary and how Republicans rigged the General Election, America instead saw a special prosecutor bark up the wrong trees regarding Russiagate. America needed, and still needs, the special elections commission!

6) Why has the computer and data theft controversy over the Awan family, six Pakistani IT professionals hired at outrageous salaries by members of Congress, gone unreported in the main media? Apparently most of them have fled back to Pakistan. The prevailing wisdom, with no media attention, in this matter remains a giant “Huh!?!” Given data theft is so high within the media consciousness one would think there’d be wide reporting on this issue. Zilch!

[8/3 Update: A giant “huh!?!” remains! Nobody anywhere seems to want to touch this controversy which continues to fade and fade and fade.]

7) Should our Congress be examining voter suppression on the part of both political parties, rather than Russian hysteria? You Bet!


To the people who own the wealth in America, including America’s five media corporations which control 90% of all media in America, Clinton was the preferred candidate as she knew well and how to play the game perfectly. After all, it was her friendly oligarchs who helped to enrich her personal fortune. She clearly altered her political positions on their behalf.

Donald Trump was preferred over Bernie Sanders. The presidential race really became — despite what the people wanted — an ‘Anybody But Sanders’ race in terms of how oligarch-owned politicians, party officials and the media behaved. A true study of the 2016 presidential election would surely prove this. I look forward to the future .edu’s!

Trump, although politically and psychologically unpredictable in many ways, fundamentally is a selfish bare bones capitalist. More than anything he wants he and his friends to make money! This fact is perfectly reflected by whom he named to his presidential cabinet. So Trump, like Clinton, will do the bidding on behalf of the oligarchy. Trump will never drain a swamp from which he receives his lifeline and one which has enabled him to make obscene amounts of money. It just ain’t gonna happen! Forget not, reneging on his past promises to release his tax returns, Trump is a self-proclaimed billionaire (taxes anyone?)!

[8/3 UPDATE: It seemed a foregone conclusion, by most Beltway Insiders, Clinton would have won the 2016 election. Because she lost, Americans got dosed with Russiagate which has also served to help beef up America’s defense budget, now at 750 billion dollars. Russiagate has also enabled America’s monopolized media not to take any responsibility over how it behaved throughout the 2016 election.

We’ve seen more evidence proving the DNC computer document exposure was more the result of an inside leak, rather than a hack; the “dirty dossier” has been proven prejudiced, faulty and abused; and the recently-released 448-page Mueller Report — a 25 million-dollar investigation — was released full of holes and lacking any true forensic value and evidence.

Mueller has even been ordered by the Court to refrain from claiming the Russian Internet Agency — which produced click-bait ads, most of which were published after the election — is associated with the Russian government. Also, in this trial, Mueller has failed to produce any evidence, during legal discovery, against the 13 indicted Russians and three Russian companies. More and more, Russiagate is being proven a sham.

What’s truly sad and remarkable is Russiagate is so flawed it is enabling the Trump campaign counter-attack capability (which he never should have had) against both the Democrats and the media.

Worse, Democrats literally have shot themselves in the foot by condemning Julian Assange who given his over 10-year campaign to expose transparency in government would have been more capable of exposing Trump than Mueller. Trump, of course, has silenced Assange once he got into the swing of the presidency. Assange, with worldwide connections, most assuredly have exposed Trump-Pence just like he did Bush-Cheney and Obama-Biden.

Finally, the DNC lawsuit against the Wikileaks publishing company, the Russian government and Donald Trump has been dismissed with the DNC being unable to prove its case.]

My Personal Conclusion:

The Russian controversy is meant to cover over Clinton’s embarrassing 1.2 billion dollar loss to Trump and also to help keep Democrats from self-critiquing what ultimately was a DNC-rigged primary against Sanders. The anti-Russian hysteria also is meant to help keep Trump in line (hello Syria!), on his toes in a knowledge that even as president he still is beholden to the oligarchy. After all, owning the presidency, the congress, the courts and the diplomatic corps is a must for any well-functioning oligarchy. America’s is no different.

[8/3 UPDATE: Indeed, America has an Oligarch Protection Unit that serves to guard and defend America’s Oligarch Enrichment Project!]

Traditionally, the oligarchs have always prospered from third world nations. In the past it was easy and simple: Install a tinpot dictator, assign a crooked ambassador to opens doors for global corporations and then exploit near slave-like labor to extract diamonds, oil, gold, silver, copper, tin, timber and rubber, etc. The US military serves as a wedge and is used only when necessary. This has worked well for decades. But the combination of Vietnam, enhanced worldwide communications, technology and improved standing by other nations has changed the tempo to this easy of exploitation.

Consequently, America’s once-strong middle class became next in line for victimization. The Reagan-Bush Administration began viciously attacking unions and cutting government programs. Nixon’s drug war also became viewed as opportunistic for weapons smuggling. An underground economy began to flourish and Big Banking didn’t complain a bit as it got to see even more money. An additional bonus became folks surviving within an underground economy becoming less likely to vote. Thus, the voting ranks diminished and became easier to control — a true win-win!

Banks, since FDR, were prevented from speculative dealings. The bought politicians eventually gave them the green light and we began seeing frequent housing crises and bankruptcies resulting from banks operating within speculative markets. The stock market where many folks had parked their savings — or were forced into the market due to companies converting one cherished-pensions into 401-K plans — could easily be crashed with insiders maneuvering long positions into short positions, raking in the dough from both ends. Meanwhile, the ordinary American suffered and the poor have barely hung on.

Oh, well. This should bring just about everybody up to date. Saddam, with all of Iraq’s oil wealth, threatened to move away from the dollar and Gadaffi threatened to create a new gold standard for all of Africa — what did the oligarchy do to them? How much of our young treasure were sacrificed in this effort. And is it ironic this same effort lingers on in Syria, a powder keg about to erupt any minute?

[8/3 UPDATE: Proxy wars (even using ISIS and Al Qaeda) and coups are front and center with today’s foreign policy!]

I tend to think that when billions of dollars are at stake the cost of a human life means nothing. Bernie Sanders, in essence, created a viable third party within the Democratic Party. He drew 70 percent of all Independent voters and fared better or even against powerhouse Clinton. But he was cheated from winning. Was he also threatened?

Since both Republicans and Democrats have become totally corrupted — and it’s true that today the people now know it! — it would be so very logical for Sanders to form a new political party.

There’s a reason why he doesn’t.

For oligarchs in America, it’s much easier to deal with a multi-millionaire or a billionaire than a Democratic Socialist. It doesn’t matter what the people want. Our liberty has become corrupted!

Prove me wrong!

Additional Reading:

July 22, 2017 Michael Weddle Facebook Post:

Main media and a parade of politicians have taken the intelligence of lots of Americans to the cleaners with insistence that Russians hacked the DNC!

Let’s play with some threes.

I came in Third out of 220,000 contestants in CNN’s Political Prediction Market contest throughout the 2016 election. So I have a reasonably good sense as to what’s going on.

Three points:

  1. I predicted in 2015 that were Hillary Clinton the Democratic nominee Democrats would lose in 2016.

2) I’ve always maintained the documents Wikileaks released about the DNC did not come from a Russian hack, but rather from an internal leak.

3) I continue to insist that the DNC lawsuit in the Florida Federal Court House is newsworthy for America’s main media to report. The media has failed to report on this even though the DNC potentially could lose 260 million dollars if they lose the lawsuit. But it will report that Democrats raised less than Republicans in the last cycle. Where is the priority for truth!?!

Overview Research of DNC Leak:

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