A Free Julian Assange Would Have Exposed Trump Better Than Mueller!

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Julian Assange Update:

The only thing as bad as GOPwinger politics is Democrats utilizing GOPwinger tactics in politics.

Democrats clearly stepped on their own toes by helping to keep Julian Assange totally silenced after Trump became president. The Wikileaks publisher, what with his worldwide contacts, would have been better positioned to expose the Trump-Pence Administration than was the very limited and feeble Mueller inquiry.

Keep in mind Assange has been a lifelong pacifist and dedicated his career to fighting for transparency within governments. He exposed the wrong-doing of Bush-Cheney, Obama-Biden and multiple heads of state. Intentionally not reported in America’s main media because it didn’t fit within the Russiagate narrative, Assange previously had exposed over 800,000 documents against the Russian government. Yet America’s media wrongfully labels Assange a Russian dupe!

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Folks need to realize America has become an oligarchy as described by former US president Jimmy Carter and articulated in the 2014 Princeton Study on Oligarchy. This means billionaires and multi-millionaires sit at the top and we are today governed for the needs of corporations over the needs of people.

The oligarchy hires lobbyists and consultants (political operatives) who provide policy to the president, members of congress, governors and the leadership of state legislatures. For the most part, those who become elected are pedigreed and supported by money that trickles down to enable them to keep their positions. Think: Congress has a 15 to 20% approval rating but a 95% re-election rate!

The oligarchy has today captured America’s media, once commonly thought of as a free press. When Reagan-Bush assumed the presidency there were 50 major media companies. Today, there are five that control 90% of all media. Since Reagan-Bush CEO pay has risen 940% and worker pay only 12%. As a contrast, under Obama and Trump administrations 85 to 95% of all new wealth created has gone to oligarchy.

The value of a human soul is nearly non-existent when compared to the needs of oligarchy.

Folks, please support the presidential candidacy of Bernie Sanders and let’s turn this around. So what if he’s old. Were Sanders to assume the presidency for one year only, it would turn our country — the world! — around for the better! Keep your eye on the ball, do not get distracted and vote for Bernie Sanders!

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Keep our Eye on The Ball!

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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