— Watching monopolized televised news at home and listening to talk radio on the daily commute inspires herd worthiness!

Providers of Opinion:

Follow the names below. Read what they and their colleagues write and talk about on social media. Look for when they debate or are interviewed. Note the information they share and especially their quality of reference.

Most are Progressive voices who’ve been out of power since JFK was shot. Some…

— For a Happier World Let’s Archive the 24-Hour Day!

The ordinary person does not have enough time, or money, to do what they want!

With today’s bad economy, too many folks are working two jobs just to make ends meet. Indeed, it’s become hard to find quality time to share happiness and creativity with family and friends.


Democracy in America? Republicans & Democrats … That’s It!

Now at age 72 and having matured throughout my adulthood with America’s Drug War, I’ve long stated, “The best way to enslave people is to make them think they are free!”

— In the capitalist creep towards fascism the Obama Administration actually blipped the radar.

[NOTE — As this title implies, be though it may, it remains imperative to never vote for a GOPwinger!]

Often when writing I like to include a song for background listening while reading. In this instance, I picked a song called “4 out of 5” by Soul Coughing. Why does…

— Young, broke, homeless & AWOL I found The Fillmore East

Santa Jimi

Me? I grew up peaceful. Never wanted to become a soldier. But America wanted me as one. My country wanted me to become a soldier who’d help push a racist war on faraway distant shores. Contrary to present day impression, that war back then wasn’t just in Vietnam! …

—Only some enjoy fruits of education!

I want a Greening of America but my discovery keeps leading me to a Dumbing of America. Am I looking for hope in all the wrong places? Any ideas?

I posted on Facebook the below NBC news story about 21,000 year-old fossilized footsteps discovered in the state of Arizona.


— Hitching not from LA to Woodstock but to Military Induction!

[NOTE: A Facebook enthusiast asked for folks to come up interesting hitch-hiking stories. Although I’ve got many, I offered this one.]

Growing Up Antiwar!

T’was summer of 1969. I was vehemently antiwar, but still draft age and fodder for war. …

— Bird’s-Eye View Of a Costly Corporate Decision

[Originally published as a Facebook Note on December 15, 2015 — edited]

I’ve told this story before, some of which is based on hearsay. Nonetheless here’s what I learned: My ex-girlfriend has a brother who was an architect assigned to work on Boeing’s new headquarters in Chicago, where the company…

Michael Weddle

Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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