— Me? I’ve lived in eight decades — feel like I’m a pen running out of ink!

“If a bird is birthed in a barn it is still a bird; not a horse!” — The Saker’s Mother

Born in the Halloween season of 1949 and eventually becoming old enough to conclude things, I reasoned: “A handful of right is more powerful than a handful of might.” I’ve lived accordingly and have employed some artful tricks to beat aging along the way.

Among them, I never got in a ‘duke-it-out’ fight with anyone — but I certainly helped break up a whole lot of ’em. Why do people behave like this?

Before I crossed the 50-Year-Old Bridge, I…

— Together by The Hand of Time, The Wheel of Karma

For several years now I’ve observed online an osprey nest on Hog Island in Maine. It is featured by the National Audobon Society and there is 24/7 livestream video depicting the life of ospreys and their surrounding nature.

— Julian Assange Political Philosophy is Progressive Democracy; Not Rightwing GOPwingerism!

[Originally written as a Facebook Note on March 26, 2017, edited for style]

Unreported by US corporate media, former British Ambassador Craig Murray claims he flew to Washington DC to retrieve materials which he directly delivered to Wikileaks.

Wikileaks Exposures

How many of you have applied logical thinking to Wikileaks? Since its inception, Wikileaks has persistently published information governments do not want citizens to know about? One could argue Wikileaks is the greatest open book on the planet. Not only does it open minds of its readership but also applies forced transparency upon political leaders of governments.

Impact upon America:

Wikileaks became a near-daily threat against the Bush-Cheney Administration by exposing its lies and deceitful behavior throughout its War on Iraq, its use of torture as policy and how it…

— Various You Tube Tributes of Bob Dylan’s Famous Tune

Bob Dylan

Jimi Hendrix

The Rolling Beatles

Playing For Change Musical Artists


Lenny Kravitz & Eric Clapton

— Donald Trump failed not only America, but the entire globe!

Failure is defined as the lack of success or the omission of expected or required action.

Former US president Donald Trump claimed the 2020 election was stolen from him. The hardnosed GOPwinger fictitiously claims he won the election. However, barebone facts of reality show Trump lost his presidency due to proven incompetence, especially in the area of public health. This was coupled to his personified bullyism.

Although America indeed wanted an “outsider” as US president, the last thing America needed when Trump got elected was the feel of another Richard Nixon — but that’s precisely what we got and it’s…

— Life-Saving Medical Vaccines vs. US Military Geopolitical Considerations

Jamarl Thomas, political analyst and host of The Progressive Soapbox, asked: “Why did the US Health Department adopt a policy to push countries that were in dire need of medical help and vaccines to avoid procuring that medical help and vaccines?” America’s media is mum on the subject! Thomas, rightfully, concluded: “Your Brazilian life matters less than our [the US] foreign policy objectives.”

Were this a Sci-Fi movie and a group of people in the film were in danger of being eaten by the monster, often such movies depict a scene whereby there’s always an asshole who acts in such…

Born Into The American Dream, I Evolved Into Music & Protest!

“Why go out there in order to make tomorrow become so? Because we must, it is the duty of being human and living in the spirit of living for others! Long Live Life and Rock n’ Roll”— Michael Weddle

I’ve Lived in Eight Decades! Below is My Photo-March Through The Hands of Karma and Through The Wheels of Time (1940’s to the 2030's):

— It’s a damn good question!

[Originally written as a Facebook Note on April 5, 2017 — new graphics and slightly edited]

Point-blank, I’m more afraid of Donald Trump the Clintons, Obama and the Bushes than I am afraid of the Russians. I’m surprised if you don’t feel similarly.

America has two expansive oceans east and the west. America has friendly neighbors to north and south.

— Membership is rare, exclusive!

Usually I write about politics, sometimes music and occasionally I’ll come up with a human interest story. This article is about a little ball that often travels over 100 miles per hour.

There’s a whole lotta hero-worshiping goin’ on in America, especially when it comes to sports. But since baseball is ‘America’s Pastime’ … let’s dig in and praise four ball players who clearly are not getting the respect they deserve. All four are extremely worthy, but only one is super famous.

Baseball’s Holy Grail is generally regarded as becoming the top homerun hitter. Fans absolutely love seeing the ball…

— Vladimir Putin, a chess-playing pianist, does not want to kill you!

I knew the Russiagate narrative was falsely-born and carried, that Putin and Trump were not in bed together or riding the same horse and that domestic and foreign policy positions of Russia were nowhere near as described in Western media. In fact, what Western media has presented in recent years could well be considered textbook propaganda.

For confirmation, read the writing, research and advocacy of long-time Russian historian and former editor of The Nation magazine, Stephen F. Cohen who recently passed away (RIP). Cohen understood Russia better than anyone in America.

Often I’ve written — based on my own analysis…

Michael Weddle

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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