— Could Trump govern in a way opposite to what we expect?

[This was originally written as a Facebook Note in November 2016]

The Donald Trump we know will soon realize draining the swamp is for others less washed than he. Most likely, he’ll routinely settle into becoming Oligarch-in-Chief.

The Trump we know will think he can make great trade deals within the Realm of Oligarchy, that everybody will love his presidency and his success help assure a future for his children as governors and senators, perhaps even a second Trump presidency. That his presidency will also make him lots of money!

Interestingly, Clinton held a similar belief and took a similar route. But her affinity towards wealth, greed and elitism caused her to fail miserably. You see, coddling only to the wealthy creates the kind of wheeling-dealing that requires a militarized police state with a condition where nearly everyone is kept on the edge of desperation. The history of nations show this is not a good recipe for governing. …

— Hardcore Republicans, Corporate-elite Democrats

[Originally published as a Facebook Note in November 2015]

[1/29/16 EDIT NOTE: Clinton elite corporate Democrats, when it comes to Wall Street economics, are also pretty much just like Republicans! Both political parties act in defense of America’s fat cat oligarchy!

QUESTION: What do hospital, insurance and pharmaceutical owners & executives, judicial system judges, court & prison administrators, university deans, regents & trustees and media owners, publishers or editors have in common that they share voting choices for politicians who appeal to militant racist, homophobic, gun-freaked and religious zealot ‘bubba’-types?

Most doctors are democratic socialists; but those who own and control the systems over them are…

[Originally written as a Facebook Note on November 17, 2015]

Perhaps were another Syrian refugee child to wash dead upon the shores of Greece, the mass hysteria many Americans are now experiencing would subside and their eyes, hearts and minds would become more sensible!

Folks, do not listen to politicians attempting to capitalize on the events in France. Where were those same politicians when French Fries became Freedom Fries or French Toast became Freedom Toast!?!

And how quickly did concern about the threat of Ebola fade among Republicans after the 2014 elections?

The governors and their meaningless pronouncements relative to Syrian refugees coming to America are postulating fear in a bid to make themselves look good before a genuinely-concerned citizenry!

Please don’t be hoodwinked!

— America’s battle is against oligarchy!

The American Dream, created by FDR, became strong. Following the 1960 presidential election, Democrats and the wider public were paying heed to JFK’s advocacy. His furtherance of ‘The Dream’ included civil rights, voting rights, a war on poverty and more — an expansion of government of, by and for the people.

But after his assassination, despite the JFK influence, LBJ erroneously grew the Vietnam War turning it into a game changer ultimately opening the door for future Republican rule. …

“If all misfortunes were laid in one common heap whence everyone must take an equal portion, most people would be contented to take their own and depart.” — Socrates

[Originally written as a Facebook Note in November of 2016, recently reappearing as a Facebook Memory]

I’ve got to conclude on this wonderful Thanksgiving holiday I’m holding too many blanks in my brain!

And from this remark, I can now sense my online political debate opponents marveling in joy over such an admission— lol!

Anyway, my cats recently knocked over a box of chess pieces, scattering pieces everywhere. While picking them up, I thought: “Why am I not playing chess anymore?”

When I lived in Boston and Cambridge I played often and always had a chess parlor of two or three boards set up ready for game. But for the past 16 years I’ve been living, with cats, in a small town where I knew only two people who played well. Both disappeared. …

— Democrats, like mop-up quarterbacks, tend to clean up the GOPwinger Mess!

[NOTE: This was originally written in November of 2014 as a Facebook Note]

Everyone loved the days of Camelot when John F. Kennedy was president. America was fully employed, unions were strong, taxes from corporations meaningfully helped pay the cost of government and working Americans kicked in their fair share.

The father worked while the mother cared for the kids, widespread education came into focus, eradicating poverty became a realistic goal. And the price for a standing room only ticket at a profession sports stadium was only a buck or two.

Things got so good JFK had the luxury of time to advocate physical education and health programs for young and old Americans. And just about every American community of 25,000 or more had its own municipal or regional hospital. Yes, there was the downside of The Cold War and nukes, but the space program, started in ’58, kept getting better and better. We put a man on the moon! There was a lot to look forward to in America! …

— Neocon Map For The Middle East!

[Originally written as a Facebook Note — Last edited November 22, 2015]

“Shock and Awe” put Iraq into Bush-Cheney hands. Like Katrina, Bush-Cheney failed miserably, making all wrong moves. For example, they were more concerned about their invasion protecting oil facilities than protecting crucial Iraqi public buildings and storage facilities where Iraqi citizen records were kept. So those important buildings were looted, ransacked and lost much to the detriment of Iraqi society. Bush-Cheney didn’t care!

This quote tells it all quite simply:

“For the Americans who had overthrown one Medieval regime in Afghanistan, only to inadvertently create the conditions for the rise of another in oil rich Iraq and Syria out of the ashes of what had once been the two most secular regimes in the Arab Middle East, it was one step forward and two steps back.”

— The path forward requires a progressive imperative!

Party Leadership Should Resign

Foremost, DNC chair Tom Perez and his national committee leadership, plus the heads of all of state party committees, must immediately resign. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her leaders and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and his leaders should also resign.


They clearly dropped the ball this election, as they’ve dropped the ball pretty much throughout the whole past decade. Their won-loss record for gaining new Members is pitiful! They repeatedly fail to acknowledge and, in fact, work to defeat the issues advocated by Bernie Sanders which must become the driving force of the party.

Today’s Democratic leadership is stuck more on pedigreed politicians coupled to high-priced consultancies and a misguided appeal to its donor base, than they are with bringing forward and opening the doors for meaningful policy for people. …

— When he leaves and offers his final salute to the soldier guarding the Marine One helicopter, will he be alone?

Some have argued, ultimately, life is a failure because when you die, you die alone. Among the solemn, those in witness, invariably one will quip, “there’s no way to win!” And sometimes, throughout hard moments in life, one must walk alone.

Now that I’ve sufficiently depressed you, let’s get down to how Trump will depart from the power he felt he held, but could never quite enjoy or wield properly. …

— Biden win called just after midnight on Election Night at 12:38 am

All throughout election night I had been tracking the NYT for states, the LA Times for counties, ABC News for down-ballot races, USA Today for live camera streams of polling locations, listening to non-network/non-establishment political analysts on YouTube and following my own political instincts. My instincts aren’t bad given I finished #3 out of 220,000 participants in the 2016 CNN Political Prediction Market. The CNN prize for my good effort back then? Bragging rights!


Well, four years later, what with the 2020 Presidential election, it’s time again for me to reassert my bragging rights— lol!

Shortly before the midnight hour on election day, I had been observing the down ballot races move in a horrible direction and Trump seemingly ahead in every state that counted the most. I was totally bummed out and preparing to write a rather despairing article about poorly-performing Democrats. …


Michael Weddle

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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