— Me? I’ve lived in nine decades — feel like I’m a pen running out of ink!

“If a bird is birthed in a barn it is still a bird; not a horse!” — The Saker’s Mother

Born in the Halloween season of 1949 and eventually becoming old enough to conclude things, I reasoned: “A handful of right is more powerful than a handful of might.” I’ve lived accordingly and have employed some artful tricks to beat aging along the way.

Among them, I never got in a ‘duke-it-out’ fight with anyone — but I certainly helped break up a whole lot of ’em. Why do people behave like this?

Before I crossed the 50-Year-Old Bridge, I…

— I looked into the eyes of the grandfather!

Today, in my spot of the world — Nantasket Bay in Hull, Massachusetts — it seemed I was the first human to awaken. Forty feet high on my treetop deck that overlooked a bay whose water was smooth as glass, it was only me, my two cats Winkles and Twinkles and feathered friends flying about in nature.

The coffee and the sunshine were each as great as the other!

The new sun rose from the ocean and shimmered through tall trees, leaving a cast of branched leaf shadows dancing on shingles of my house. Also depicted was an occasional bird…

— Or do we have a sad world when compared to its potential?

It’s an ironic world where once the Brits were world imperialists and now America, whose early citizens sought refuge from the Brits, has become the leading imperialist force in the world, bogged down on immigration issues. This, as the prominent Statue of Liberty still calls for “tired and huddled masses.”

It’s an ironic world when America, priding itself on freedom, keeps more people per capita in jail than any other nation.

— What happens here happens there — why a Cold War?

Not many folks think of Vladimir Putin as a Donovan-like folk musician who worshiped Grace Slick and once performed on his guitar the Doors Crystal Ship song at the Paris grave of Jim Morrison. Fewer realize the young KGB agent performed street music, busking for money on the streets of Paris (see Daily Kos human interest story at the end of this writing).


Back When Putin Played Donovan on Guitar

Let’s start by hearing a Donovan tune:

It’s likely most Americans do not realize the Russian music scene includes just about everything — variations of punk rock, heavy metal, epic folk tales and much more…

Although Western media would prefer portraying Putin wielding nunchuks, he actually plays concert piano!

When is the last time you heard US or UK legacy media describe Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “lefty?”

More than not, his image is projected as that of a power-hungry right-wing dictator type who leads a ‘regime’ rather than a government with a legislative body and a 115-member Supreme Court. You likely also never heard much about Russia’s Supreme Court! Nor has there been any quality Western reporting about Putin’s state of the union speeches or press conferences.

Anyway, just today, I found a Reuters report published in The Hill related to a famous former American actor who…

— Jacob and Wilhelm’s influence on US presidency

Notice how, during the CNN interview depicted in the below link, that Donald Trump’s chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg’s daughter-in-law keeps referring back to “21 years.” Had main media fully vetted and investigated Trump before, during and shortly after his 2016 presidential announcement, he never would have won the GOPwinger nomination. Very sadly, main media never dug deep on Trump until after it appeared certain he’d become the nominee.

By then, it was too late!

What’s Shakespearian tragic is HRC, her political operatives and her powerful media connections helped enable Trump to break out of the GOPwinger pack of candidates…

— Scratching your head won’t help!

Democracy is not keeping a rigidly controlled two-party system, especially when oligarchy resides at the top of each political party!

Some see the forest from the trees … others do not!

I have two Facebook friends who recently wrote the following two Facebook posts:

“The Left are the enemies of freedom.”

“Who else believes that it is time for the citizens to take our country back?”

I offer this article to prove not only do lefties, such as myself, believe in freedom, we also believe in friendship. Below is my response to their lack of foresight:

We in America, since JFK was shot, have been ruled by the Left-Center (liberals), the Center, the Center-Right (conservatives) and a whole lot by Far Right Extremists. …

— Together by The Hand of Time, The Wheel of Karma

For several years now I’ve observed online an osprey nest on Hog Island in Maine. It is featured by the National Audobon Society and there is 24/7 livestream video depicting the life of ospreys and their surrounding nature.

— Julian Assange Political Philosophy is Progressive Democracy; Not Rightwing GOPwingerism!

[Originally written as a Facebook Note on March 26, 2017, edited for style]

Unreported by US corporate media, former British Ambassador Craig Murray claims he flew to Washington DC to retrieve materials which he directly delivered to Wikileaks.

Wikileaks Exposures

How many of you have applied logical thinking to Wikileaks? Since its inception, Wikileaks has persistently published information governments do not want citizens to know about? One could argue Wikileaks is the greatest open book on the planet. Not only does it open minds of its readership but also applies forced transparency upon political leaders of governments.

Impact upon America:

Wikileaks became a near-daily threat against the Bush-Cheney Administration by exposing its lies and deceitful behavior throughout its War on Iraq, its use of torture as policy and how it…

— Various You Tube Tributes of Bob Dylan’s Famous Tune

Bob Dylan

Jimi Hendrix

The Rolling Beatles

Playing For Change Musical Artists


Lenny Kravitz & Eric Clapton

Michael Weddle

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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