— Me? I’ve lived in nine decades — feel like I’m a pen running out of ink!

“If a bird is birthed in a barn it is still a bird; not a horse!” — The Saker’s Mother

Born in the Halloween season of 1949 and eventually becoming old enough to conclude things, I reasoned: “A handful of right is more powerful than a handful of might.” I’ve lived accordingly and have employed some artful tricks to beat aging along the way.

Among them, I never got in a ‘duke-it-out’ fight with anyone — but I certainly helped break up a whole lot of ’em. Why do people behave like this?

Before I crossed the 50-Year-Old Bridge, I…

— Capitol siege photos/videos show few rioters with the flag!

The absence of Back The Blue flags on January 6th meant violence was planned!

The 2020 presidential election was constitutionally decided first by America’s voters in November and then by the Electoral College in December. Former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden defeated the Republican incumbent Donald Trump.

All that was required to complete the peaceful transition of power was for Congress to procedurally certify the election on January 6th, ahead of the customary January 20th Inauguration date. …

— Comparative of Israel and UK after-dosing data from the Pfizer vaccine

[NOTE: See important updates at bottom of article.]

Below, is a very interesting presentation by John Campbell, Ph.D. (Nursing), relative to infection rates after the Pfizer dose has been administered.

It appears the longer the time between the two doses of the Pfizer medication, the greater the longevity of protection. Dr. Campbell does a comparative of Israel where the length of time between the two doses was two weeks (also mostly true of the US), matched with The UK where the length of time between the two doses has been eight to 11 weeks. …

— Eight Colombian Assassins of Haiti’s President Trained by US!

Although on the surface it may not seem like it, but the below article provides an excellent glimpse into sound reasoning for legalizing drugs.

The Reality

First, legal or not, people are gonna buy and use drugs thus enabling exorbitant profiteering. This profiteering serves to enrich mobsters, banking and for funding large and small government black operations. Worse, it condemns a large segment of society to live within an underground reality.

Drug problems should be treated medically, not criminally. Since we know drug problems will always exist, it becomes imperative we create a sensible point of contact with users and that we…

— Watching monopolized televised news at home and listening to talk radio on the daily commute inspires herd worthiness!

Providers of Opinion:

Follow the names below. Read what they and their colleagues write and talk about on social media. Look for when they debate or are interviewed. Note the information they share and especially their quality of reference.

Most are Progressive voices who’ve been out of power since JFK was shot. Some are Libertarian and a few are Conservative. It’s best to study and understand multiple sides of any issue and not simply let main corporatized media lead you into the herd with a smile on your face.

It’s also a great idea to read, if not the whole study, at least…

— Initiatives on housing, health, environment, labor, public safety and public service!

Sometimes I jokingly chirp, “I coulda been the governor!” Instead, I left politics to become a Harvard Square street musician — a step up!

The short of my story goes like this:

In my youthful ’20s, after the peace movement and not yet a musician, I managed rock bands. At age 30, I began teaching myself how to play guitar. The next five years saw me suffering the frustrations and difficulties of learning what I should have learned as a teenager.

When I’d show for a party bringing my ’56 Les Paul Junior and ’63 Gibson J-50, I very much…

— Dip your French fries in tartar sauce, pretend they’re clams!

Fresh whole-bellied fried clams are delightfully addicting!

Raised at Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, I grew up on big-bellied fried clams. The next town over was Seabrook. Before they put the nuke plant in, Seabrook was where the best clam diggers lived. This pocket community even spoke their own special kind of language of old English bubba, their families having lived there since the beginning of America.

Interestingly, in the effort to convince Seabrook’s three-person board of selectmen to approve the nuke plant, the original town meeting minutes show the power company describing how there’d be a slight degree of radio-activity…

— The Progressive Left got locked out of power after JFK was shot!

What should have happened after the JFK-inspired Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act never got to happen. America could have healed, its racial tensions eliminated. Strong unions could have secured meaningful workplace environments and diplomacy with other nations would have been guided by wisdom.

We should have become a society where The American Dream became shared domestically and inclusively by all people. Our leadership and influence could have spread this upon other nations. We could have become United Nations with the economic well-being of all became as an ultimate objective.

— DNC Computer Data Not Hacked — It Was Leaked!

[NOTE: This was originally published as a Facebook Note on August 2, 2017 and was subsequently updated. Much to the chagrin of many Facebook Note authors, FB discontinued its Notes feature. In the process, it butchered the historical record and written work of many FB Note authors.]

Russiagate stained the Democratic Party much like the once-Dixiecrat Democrats did back in the past! Still, however, there is no reason to support the disdainful GOPwingers!

Five Key Points:

1) No proof exists anywhere that Russians hacked the DNC computers.

[8/3 UPDATE: The Mueller Report fails to prove the Russians hacked the DNC computers.]

2) NSA expert Edward Snowden has written the following:

“The aversion to sharing #NSA evidence is fear of revealing “sources and methods” of intel collection, but #XKEYSCORE is…

— A question of honor or name-breeding militarism

Winnacunnet High School — Hampton, New Hampshire

Born in 1949 and having lived within nine generations, I went to Winnacunnet High School in Hampton, New Hampshire. Whether it was our sports teams, debating club or our marching band in local parades we were The Warriors! Our mascot so symbolized this nomenclature.

Michael Weddle

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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