7th Annual Rat Beach Party Line-Up

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This will be the stage for the event, with full backline.
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You’ve got to play … for the right … to party!

Final Line-Up

8:00 — Ian Barkon & Friends (Ian is Hull High’s Music Director)

9:00 — Toast (youth band)

10:00 — The Glympses (youth band)

11:00 — Larry Newman

12:00 —The Oilmen

7:00 — Cherophones (youth band)

7:45 — Tsunami of Sound

8:30 — Doug MacDonald Band

9:15 — Not Today (youth band)

10:00 — Climate Change

10:45-–Gary Shane & The Detour

11:30-–December’s Children

12:15 —End of Night Jam

3:00 —Matt York

4:00 —Joe Perry

5:15 —Bob Cenci & His 1980's Bandmates

6:00 —Will & Dave (Billy Rath Street Pirates)

6:45 — Mad Painter

7:30 —The Count’s Love & Flame

8:15 — The Fringe (youth band)

9:00 — Grenon (Cleveland Rock Hall of Fame Youth Band Finalist)

10:00 — The Baabes

10:45 — The GLiDER

11:30 — Club Linehan A-Go-Go

12:15 —Hardwired (host band)

2:00 —Low Tide (youth band)

2:45 —Lily Andrey (youth performer)

3:30 —The Joe Kidd Band

4:15 —Big Stick Diplomacy (youth band)

5:00 —Electric Joey

5:45 — Robert Leger Band

6:30—The Winter Project

7:15 —Hixx

8:15–-Green Street Station

9:00–-Tokyo Tramps (host performers)

9:45 —The Stigmatics

10:30–-The Gravedancers

11:15–-1–4–5 Band

12:00–Johnny Thunders Revue

A few days of rock n’ roll rest!

7:30— The Playn Janes

8:30 — The Vikki Porter Band

9:15 — Roll Over White (youth band)

10:00 —The Derangers

10:45 —Charlie Don’t Surf

11:30 — Born Yesterday (youth band)

12:15 —Knightsville Butchers

Happy Trick or Treat, Be Kind to Turkeys, Enjoy Religious Holidays and, as always, Happy Next Year!

[NOTE: On November 1st, at The C-Note, look for Michael Weddle’s 70th and C-Note Sound man Greg Campia’s Birthday Party & Halloween Extravaganza!]

Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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