2019 7th Annual Rat Beach Party — Call for Performers!

Largest Rock n’ Roll Event in all of New England

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Anyone wanting to perform the 7th Annual Rat Beach Party scheduled at The C-Note on Nantasket Beach over Labor Day Weekend (Thursday, August 29th through Sunday, September 1st). The event will close out with Friday, September 6th performances. Now is the time to make the connection.

Eligibility for performance for a three-piece band is a least one member or more must have been a Rat performer; for a four-piece or more, at least two members must have performed The Rat. Whole Rat bands, in reunion, are especially welcome. Please do share your musical and performance memories!

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It’s a charity event and all proceeds raised from the door and a 50/50 raffle go to the Hull High School Music Department with emphasis for using funding to help special needs musical students.

A stage backline is provided and the sets will be 45-minutes to an hour. Professional audio engineering and lighting providing by the club. Multiple high school-aged bands will be blended into the performance line-up. Also looking for all-age scenarios whereby a parent’s band will perform next to their child’s band — a Battle For The Ages!

Musical video of last year’s Rat Beach Party. It’s a Youtube video and okay to click “Show Embed!”

If you’d like to perform send me a Facebook friend request first with a private message once we’ve become FB friends — thanks!

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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