2020 Americans Will Vote Like French Citizens in Streets!

First of all, America is a blatant oligarchy. Despite bravado from our politicians, worldwide indexes prove America is a “flawed democracy!” Moreover, the CIA’s Fact Sheet comparative rankings are pitiful!

Our 750 billion dollar military is strategically placed throughout the world. It is a well-oiled muscle-bound profit-making machine with over 800 military bases situated more for corporate privilege and advantage than it is need for protecting the American people. The politicians who maintain this are groomed, pedigreed and aged like wine by the two major political parties.

Simply ask yourself: Why do we need this when we’ve got expansive oceans east and west and friendly neighbors to the north and to the south? Worse, this military build-up exists at the peril of our own citizenry and is maintained only for sake of a privilege few.

Second, America’s power essentially operates with very well-protected oligarchs at the top. Under them are what I call Oligarch Protection Units (OPUs). They consist of highly-paid Ivy League consultant/lobbyist and institutional political operatives at the second tier; the presidency on the third level; Congress, governor seats and state legislatures function at the fourth layer; and the powerful media is fifth in importance and serves to hold it all together.

Since Reagan-Bush Democrats Have Been Back-Up Quarterbacks

In fact, throughout the Communications Age, America has seen right-wing rule politics ever since JFK was shot. Indeed, the power players — perhaps to cloak guilt — conceded the long-held JFK ideals of Civil Rights and Voting Rights acts. But that was about it. Pretty much it’s been all war, profiteering and suppression of the citizenry since he was killed, with the GOPwingers leading the way.

The media conveniently helped to define being a Democrat or a Republican as one’s position on god, gun and gay issues. Every now and then something like immigration would be thrown into the mix so citizens would get fired up within their respective boundaries and so one could better decide their party loyalties.

Economics, civil liberties, anti-war or pro-labor issues — ones historically critical for being a sound Democrat — became scantly emphasized, outright ignored or obfuscated. After all, using good cop (D) and bad cop (R) politics, money continues to rule politics. The sheep, at all costs, must be kept at bay by the OPUs.

Sadly, in the cause of oligarchy, once strong Democrats became weak Democrats — GOPwinger-Lite!

From 2010 onward, Democrats lost 1,200 elective offices and literally gave the presidency to Donald Trump in 2016. Why not? Hasn’t it been right-wing rule in America for a long time?

It got so bad that by 2016 the Democrats, who gradually shed their FDR-ideals, lost the US House and US Senate, 33 governor seats and 32 state legislatures (17 of which were veto-proof for GOPwingers)? Sure, they won the House back in 2018. But, overall, comparatively and seemingly a big deal, this effectively amounted to only a whoopie-doopie-do.

Russiagate, impeachment and imagery politics — instead of the true issues — were all the public got to absorb from the media. Right-wing rule continues to prevail, and the OPUs effectively serve to keep oligarchy behind the wheel of the Rolls Royce, this while poor folk don’t get to even drive cars either due to expense or because they’ve become orphans of the courts.

[Sidebar: One in 25 of those executed in America are innocent; one in 100 are in a jail system; one in 55 are on probation and 12% of all Americans hold felony convictions. You better believe the Drug War serves to reduce the voting pool making it easier for money to control the elections.]

For rank and file Democrats it’s important to ask: Which sway of political influence lost the presidency to Trump? Which sway of political influence lost all of those elective offices throughout the 20-teens?

The answer is obvious. The Obama-Biden-Clinton-Bloomberg wing of the Democratic Party. It’s finally time to realize that money Democrats will not beat the money Republicans — they’re one and the same! Examine America’s foreign policy and you’ll understand the narrative.

Bernie Sanders

Below is a YouTube clip highlighting excerpts from 30 years of Bernie Sanders speeches:

Yes, Bernie Sanders for years has been trying to come to our rescue. When you listen closely to his speeches over the past 30 years one can’t help but think of what the very great independent journalist I.F. Stone once said:

But Bernie is very much alive! In the 2020 election it’s time to be like the French in the streets with their yellow vests. But our duty, today, is at the ballot box. We need overwhelming numbers of citizens to participate in this election. Grab your friends and let’s finally, once and for all, beat back oligarchy and get back to the principles of FDR and JFK!

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Michael Weddle

Michael Weddle


Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!