2018 Showed a 2016 DNC Leak, Not a Hack!

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[NOTE: Slight editing on January 21, 2019 after this post appeared as a Facebook Memory.]

To this very date, there has been no evidence to show Russia hacked the DNC. The allegation of a Russian hack comes from the following: a) Clinton campaign operatives; b) Clinton-connected media sources; c) the Crowdstrike tech firm hired by the DNC and the Clinton Campaign; and d) the controversial dossier produced by Fusion GPS which also was hired by the DNC and the Clinton Campaign.

Crowdstrike produced two reports claiming a Russian hack. Within the US intelligence agencies (FBI, CIA and NSA) , Crowdstrike’s first report produced a “moderate degree of confidence.” Crowdstrike’s second report produced a “high degree of confidence,” (except for the NSA which maintained a “moderate degree”). But the second report was refuted and retracted. The US media never highlighted the refutation and retraction.

The supposed 17-agency intelligence assessment report, in reality, was only a three-agency (FBI/CIA/NSA) assessment constructed by 20 hand-picked agents under the auspices of Obama’s Dept. of Justice. The 25-page assessment included a disclaimer stating it couldn’t be certain any of the information included in the report was true and also, unusually, seven pages critical of RT, an international Russian broadcasting firm similar to CNN.

The main media, to date, totally ignores the forensic findings of many former CIA-NSA intelligence officials including IBM’s former national computer programmer director of 25 years, Skip Folden. Collectively these experts analyzed the download times of the DNC documents and concluded the timing of the download could only have been inside-sourced onto a thumb drive in an Eastern Time Zone, and not transmitted overseas from a hacked source. The time of the download was exactly the same as how long it would take for the data to be downloaded onto a thumb drive.

Sadly, main media has only pushed the anti-Russian narrative. Main media also totally ignored the statements of former British Uzbekistan Ambassador Craig Murray — Murray highlighted and exposed Bush-Cheney torture programs in Uzbekistan — who stated he flew to Washington DC to retrieve the documents delivered to Wikileaks for publication. The media totally ignored Murray!

Main media also totally ignored an audio recording of Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh. With most Americans still unclear on what happened, one morning ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, WashPo, NYT, et. al., strongly, in unison, reported about Rod Wheeler’s lawsuit against FoxNews. The media was attempting to spin Wheeler’s lawsuit as though Trump was behind what main media tried to describe as “fake news.” From early am till early noon this report was all you heard. Clinton-like liberals spun the story on Facebook and Twitter.

During the afternoon, however, the media went silent as the Seymour Hersh audio recording got released. Each news outlet, again in unison, stopped reporting about Wheeler’s lawsuit. To continue reporting on the lawsuit meant the main media would have to acknowledge the existence of the Hersh recording. Perhaps the strangest and most eerie media silence I’ve ever witnessed followed. Today, main media continues to ignore the Hersh recording:


Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, the organization comprised of former intelligence officials, a group that called it right on WMD and Iraq, once again have performed due diligence:

Adam Carter’s been digging deeply and, in my view, accurately:

As always, Lee Camp of Redacted Tonight has a great take on the problem:

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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