Let’s Change Basketball: It’s Boring! Change Scoring System — Make Whole Game Exciting!

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I’m having little to no success trying to change the world with politics, perhaps I’ll have better luck trying to change how basketball is played — lol!

As presently organized, basketball, more than not, is boring until the final quarter. However, the final quarter can become extremely exciting if the game is tight or if a great comeback is in play. That’s about it.

Please do not misconstrue my intent. I believe basketball is a tremendous game and those who play hold my respect. I think watching the championships or an NBA All-Star game is the very best, given the extraordinary abilities and athleticism of the players.

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We need to eliminate the boring nature of the first three quarters of the game. What value becomes of any of those early quarters if the game becomes a rout without a comeback?

So let’s change the 12-minute four-quarter system into 20 or 30-minute periods. The scoring of points remains the same, but each period won earns a notch.

A game becomes won under one of the following conditions:

a) Team wins all three periods and notches a 3 to o win.

b) Team wins by two periods and notches a 3 to 1 win..

c) Team wins the tie-breaker if each team has notched two periods (3 to 2). An overtime system would need be developed if the 5th period keeps ending in a tie — perhaps 3-pointer shootouts as tie-breakers, like in soccer!

For memory sake, keep the All-Star Game exactly as now organized.

An extremely more exciting game. The playing energy of each period would be similar to the playing energy now exhibited in the fourth quarter of the current system. It’d become as if playing period has overtime energy!

The new system would create a need for stronger coaching and require greater tactics to win.

Players would play harder throughout the entire game, as if every second counts!

The new scoring system discounts the possibility of a boring romp, as any team that is down can bounce back by winning a well-played period.

The roster of each team will need more players due to the overtime periods. ?The new scoring system would create more opportunity for young people wanting a career in professional basketball.

OK, time to go back to posting about politics — lol!

Originally published at www.facebook.com.

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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